BunBun is a bright spot in the world of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. He fits in just right at the old farmhouse. He hops around and explores every nook and cranny of his environment. He loves his treats and will stand on his back feet and take them right from your hand.

BunBun was a treasured friend to her former first grade teacher and her students and the life as a student mascot was the only life he has ever known until now. We will gradually introduce him to the outside world, and it is my hope that eventually he will get to live as an outdoor bunny with Pip and Obi.

BunBun’s story as told by Ashley:

Three years ago I went to tractor supply to get dog food and ended up with a baby rabbit some young girls were giving away. He became a first grade classroom pet and the kids named him BunBun. He has been in the classroom with kids for the past 3 years. He freely hops around the classroom all day curiously exploring what the kids are doing & comes home to our house on the weekends and school holidays where he also freely hops around curiously exploring everything. He’s always been an indoor rabbit. He really likes to do his own thing but will hop up to you to check things out when he’s ready. He’s very curious about things and gets bored easily but LOVES  to explore and play with cardboard rolls. He likes to randomly get the zoomies and jump really high (it’s the funniest thing ever)! He loves carrots straight from the garden and romaine lettuce. He’s been very spoiled, well taken care of, and LOVED. I am SO VERY sad to have had to make the decision to find him a new home… I researched for about 2 months to find the best home for BunBun. One that would love him and take care of him as much as I (and the kids) did- Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. They have been very open and supportive with the surrendering process. I was very nervous in my search for the perfect place for him but once I talked with them and toured the sanctuary, I was confident in my decision to bring him to Rowdy Girl. I appreciate the support and the updates they have sent me about BunBun that has made this difficult decision hurt a little less. I know he’s in good hands!

BunBun is available to sponsor in our Adopt an Animal Program. Read about it here.