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Host a Rowdy Girl Round Up


How to Host a Rowdy Girl Round Up Meet & Greet Fundraiser in your hometown.

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Natalia Iswara, LA, Calif, RGS Board Member. Director of Cultural Development, Renee King-Sonnen, RGS Founder, Eddie Mah, LA, Calif, Friend and contributor

Hosts must have excellent interpersonal skills coupled with the ability to fundraise and be above average on social media.  If you are interested in discussing a Rowdy Girl Round Up Meet & Greet in your area, email Renee at with details about your hometown and what you hope to accomplish along with why you want to participate.  We are excited about sharing our Texas journey with all of you in this very informal and informative way.

As a host for a Rowdy Girl Round Up all you have to do is want to get folks together for a meet & greet in a location of your choice in your hometown.  Right now we are doing Texas Tours.  This is what we can do:

  1. Have a vegan potluck or have it catered by a sponsored vegan restaurant or vegan friends.
  2. Find a cool gathering spot – allow at least 3 hours for the fundraiser. – weekend evenings are best – 7pm – 10:30pm is optimum.
  3. Sponsor Renee’s expenses to get there if possible, but not expected.
  4. Renee tells her story “From a Texas Beef Cattle Ranch to a Vegan Farm Sanctuary” & will sing “Red Trailer”, Resonating to the Sound” & any other song that is pertinent for the occasion.
  5. Provide a photographer and videographer (some will donate their time, others will charge – it would come out of the door – maximum of $200 if needed)
  6. Door Prizes – free merchandise give away.
  7. Provide a DJ or Vegan singer/songwriter (donated) (we can discuss the music styles)
  8. Provide someone to take care of the door and donations. (RGS furnishes change and all supplies)
  9. Q&A Round table for Renee about her journey.
  10. Renee provides templates for flyers and program – you print and distribute.
  11. Donation amount recommended is a minimum of $40 – $250 per person –
    • donations of a $250 or more get special mention in our upcoming Rowdy Gals & Guys Club
      1. a  Tshirt of your choice
      2. a tote bag while they last filled RG goodies
    • donations of $40-$75 – get a tote bag while they last filled with RG goodies
    • donations of $100 – $150 – get a RGS tshirt, bumper sticker & button
    • donations of $1000 or more – we are developing a program called Herman’s Heroes and you will be a lifetime member (details coming)
    • donations of $5000 or more – we are developing a program called Cinnamon’s Circle and you will be a lifetime member (details coming)

As a host, you will act as a RGS volunteer fundraising coordinator in your hometown. You can have the parties in homes, civic centers, community buildings, art galleries, etc.  Your choice.  Getting the space donated of course is recommended.

RGS is incorporated as a non profit in the state of Texas, awaiting their 1023 determination letter from the IRS.  Expected by the end of 2015.  All proceeds go to take care of our 30 cows, 6 chickens, 4 horses and Herman, the Miracle Pig.  As a new non profit that used to profit off the exploitation of animals we are honored to now be caring for these souls.  We see them as individuals now with distinct and memorable personalities.  It is our goal to provide them with the best care while maintaining the atmosphere of our family ranch.  Adding the Rowdy Girl Veganic Farm to the landscape is indeed short of a miracle and teaching other ranches how to save lives, learn to have compassion over killing, and how to then grow a Veganic garden that will not only sustain their family but that of the community they live in, while creating income to care for the daily expenses of running the sanctuary is our mission.

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