Festival Line Up

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Celebrity Guest

 Kip Anderson

CowspiracyAUM Films – Cowspiracy:  The Sustainability Secret

Kip AndersenKip will be speaking on  Environmental Issues of Factory Farming: Sustainability & the Future of Thrivability



Renee King-Sonnen – My Journey:  From Cattle Rancher’s Wife to Vegan Activist & Founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

renee and rowdy girlRenee will openly tell her story as to how she managed to change her husbands 96 acre cattle ranch into a first of its kind, farm animal sanctuary in Texas.  She will talk about her journey from being a beef cattle ranchers wife to vegan and how she conquered all odds to save 28 cows from the slaughter system.  Out of necessity, the dialogue will be emotional, heartfelt and passionate.  Renee will sing the Red Trailer a song she wrote about her experiences of witnessing the babies go to the sale barn and the subsequent lamenting and mourning of their mothers.  And, she will sing “Resonating to the Sound”, a song she wrote in 1998 that foretold her future circumstances.

About Renee:  Renee’s has an entrepreneural business background coupled with that of a metaphysician, healer and singer/songwriter.  And now, she proudly announces to the world that she is a passionate animal activist, with a focus on rescuing farm animals.  www.facebook.com/veganjournalofarancherswife  www.facebook.com/rowdygirlsanctuary

Watch the video of Renee singing her Red Trailer song here. Or listen to Resonating to the Sound:

Kathy Landry – Animal Communication Partnered with Veganism:  A Deeper Understanding

meandshamalongverticallyFrom her experience as a vegan Animal Communicator and Animal Psychic Medium for 15 years, Kathy will share the true depths of emotionalism and intuitiveness to which ALL species of animals can communicate.  This paradigm-shifting discussion, filled with thought-provoking, bottom-line points about societal programming related to animal communication, dispels the myths that deny the profuse ability of animals to communicate. Learn intricately why veganism –  for anyone wanting to communicate more with animals – is the road to accurate results and a deeper, more conscious understanding of animals. Kathy will also share a valuable tip for learning to communicate with your own animal family and all animals.

About Kathy

Kathy Landry is a professional Psychic Medium for both humans and animals, an Animal Communicator/Animal Intuitive (ALL species), and an Intuitive with 22 years of extensive experience. Kathy has also been an ethical vegan and an activist for all animals for 15 years. She has utilized her intuition while a volunteer dolphin caretaker for six years with the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network, and also while a volunteer animal rescuer for two months in the ground zeros of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Kathy additionally is a singer/songwriter and published keyboard artist with endorsements from Mark Victor Hansen (Co-creator#1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ®),  Barbara de Angelis, Ph.D. (Best-selling Author/TV Personality), & John Randolph Price (Best-selling author).


Lorena Mucke – Compassionate Eating:  A Spiritual Perspective

Lorena Mucke

Lorena is a zoologist with a graduate degree in Ecology and Sustainable development. For the last 10 years she has been leading the non-profit project “Ethical Choices Program” (www.EthicalChoicesProgram.org) and giving about 200 presentations every year at high schools in Georgia about animal agriculture and its devastation to animals, our health and the environment, encouraging students to adopt a vegan diet. She is also the coordinator for the Christian Vegetarian Association, which shows that plant-based diets can be a powerful and faith-strengthening witness to Christ’s love, compassion, and peace; and that plant-based diets represent good, responsible Christian stewardship for all God’s Creation.

Lorena will be speaking about the intimate connection between food and Spirituality, and how it relates to major world religions, especially Christianity, since Christians are called to be good stewards of God’s creation: our bodies, animals and the environment. She will explore the undeniable, deep, far-reaching effects of food at every level, including the emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural. Finally, she’ll offer some insights on how to share the good news about veganism with other people, especially people of Faith. This is great information you don’t want to miss!  Lorena is with the Christian Vegetarian Association.


Dr. Philip Conklin –   Vegan is Life:  Science, Philosophy & Future 

DrConklinPublished author and vegan Dr. Philip Conklin will briefly begin to develop the lecture with his very unique and interesting personal story that led him to being a Vegan. He will discuss advanced findings in global research to include Military studies in conjunction with Universities and the National Institute of Health. He will begin to facilitate understanding and change by helping the audience to discover sympathetic fight or flight responses that begin at birth and how eating animals adversely affect our health in ways that one would not expect. He will touch on significant Global Statistics and the Ecological sustainability of Animal consumption and conclude with other topics such as the ridicule and the adverse repercussions that one might or might not expect from friends and family members and what the future might hold for a more humane world.



 Sofia Pineda Ochoa, MD  – Detrimental effect of animal protein on health, and my experience visiting a slaughterhouse.




 Erin Eder

Erin Eder Fresh off the Red Carpet

With her sass and energy, Erin Eder’s rich vocals have been compared to LeAnn Rimes and legendary Patsy Cline. Erin Eder’s strong, sultry voice compliments her upbeat country music with a lot of soul. She is determined to prove that a big star doesn’t have to come from big glamorous, far away places, and plans to follow the footsteps of other local celebrities like Clint Black and Renee Zellweger and become the next big thing to come out of little Katy, Texas!

Erin Eder has teamed up with producer Bill McDermott of Nashville to release new music on her Red Carpet EP Spring 2015.  With interest already being shown on the west coast, this is a new sound from Erin Eder and her fans are going to love it!




Wild Cactus Rose

Wild Cactus Rose

Jim Pharis – Folk/Blues Guitarist and Songwriter

Jim HarrisJim Pharis is no Spring chicken, that’s for sure. But the miles driven, the late nights gigs with a day job just hours away, and the experience that only comes from living life are evident in the acoustic blues that he plays.

Besides his own compositions in the country blues vein, Jim has also specialized in finding and arranging acoustic blues gems. These are songs by artists like Bo Carter, Big Bill Broonzy and Oscar “Buddy” Woods.


 Michael Vybiral

Michael Vybrial

Solo acoustic guitar with vocals or fiddle music

Vendor Booths

Abolitionist Veganism

Information about Abolitionist Veganism – leaflets and handouts… information about vegan nutrition, vegan education and how persons can regardless of ability be abolitionist vegan advocates.


Kathy Landry

Kathy will be providing information regarding her practice as a professional Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator/Animal Intuitive, and the private sessions and teleclasses she offers. She will be offering in-booth 15 minute psychic medium and animal communication sessions.


Animals Art & Arbonne


Animal Arts & Arbonne will offer a line of Certified Vegan and Cruelty Free Health and Beauty Products by Arbonne.


 Divine Massage and Sauna

logoDivine Massage and Sauna will be performing live 3-D Aura readings (Find out What Your Aura Says About You). Includes a consultation and photo. She will also do aromatherapy with Ameo Essential Oils.


 Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E.

Vegan-Society-of-PEACE-Be-a-Voice-LogoNonprofit Outreach Booth with both free ethical vegan and abolitionist animal rights literature, starter guides and vegan t-shirts for sale (we rely on donations and fundraising as an organization).

We are an independent, grassroots 501(c)(3) volunteer-run nonprofit community organization which educates the public on ethical vegan living, abolitionist animal rights advocacy, environmental responsibility, plant-based nutrition, world hunger solutions, and peace and nonviolence (Ahimsa). We are dedicated to promoting P.E.A.C.E. and Compassion for ALL sentient beings through education, outreach and advocacy.

Our headquarters is in the nation’s 4th largest city — Houston, Texas, and our membership base is global. Since our formation in 2004, we continue to be an independent, 100% volunteer-run organization advocating for veganism. Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E. also created, produces and hosts VegFest Houston: The Premier Vegan Community Festival of Texas, monthly Vegan “2nd Saturdays” and TEXAS GO VEGAN WEEK, an Annual Celebration of Vegan Living. We are also launching exciting new outreach projects and events in 2015 and 2016!


Symbiotic Spice Vegan Food

Symbiotic Spice captures the essence of Indian cooking. How the combination of herbs and spices create a tantalizing blend of taste and flavor. Vegan food will include chick peas simmered  in an aromatic tomato ginger fresh herb sauce with complimenting kale, chard. Side dish of fragrant rice pilaf OR quinoa with mint, potato samosas.

 Peaceful Pieces Shop & Energy Healing

DES_8224I am a certified Reiki Practitioner, Reiki is the act of using Ki energy to heal my client by transferring Ki energy from myself, to the client for their overall health and well being with a simple touch of my hand on their energy points. Uses massage table. I also can read chakras, which will tell the client which chakras may need to be charged and are unbalanced. I also make my own jewelery using crystals and polymer clay, for crystal healing purposes, all pieces are infused with Reiki energy.


Wholistic Kitchens

Wholistic-Kitchen-logo-final-copyWholistic Kitchens is the creation of two friends, Carolyn Williams and Jean West Rudnicki, who want to share information about healthy eating.


Well for Real

Zeal-Logo4Zeal Wellness formula is vegan and gluten free – fortified with nutrients your body and mind can absorb fast.  Lose weight and feel your best with more zeal for life.  We take our zeal everyday and won’t go a day without it.



ChiroSelf_CustomLogoDesign_opt04Introducing and providing information for the first of its kind wellness website.

Wild Cactus Rose

Wild Cactus RoseBand Merchandise

The Natural Epicurean


NE_5Mark_wNElogo_side-2The Natural Epicurean is devoted to consciously cooking a health-supportive, plant based diet. We embrace a holistic view of health that takes physical, energetic, mental, emotional, societal, and environmental influences into consideration, and believe diet can bolster health on all these levels. The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts is proud to offer the nation’s premier plant-based, health-supportive professional chef training programs in the country. Join us in taking The Healing Cuisines Challenge and learn how a plant-based diet can transform your life.

SPCA of Brazoria County

spca-logoAdoptable dogs, information on Low Cost Spay Neuter, Microchips, and Vaccinations for pets.

Raffle Items

These are just some of the items that will be raffled off during the festival.

logoDivine Massage and Sauna is donating a Full Body one hour Stress Release Therapeutic Sound Massage with warm stones on the sound table.

The massage is done on a vibro-Acoustic sound table which sends the vibrations of the music thru the table which allows the recipient to take in the vibrations and receive a cellular massage which allows for deeper levels of relaxation. The massage also includes  warm and cool Himalayan Salt Stones on the upper body front and back, soothing  aromatherapy towel wraps, while laying on an Amethyst Biomat to bring about deeper levels of release.

This massage is valued at $65.00!

Logo-with-infoAnimal Arts Arbonnee is donating a basket containing a bottle of Arbonne Aromassentials Unwind Body Mist, a Box of Arbonne Detox Tea, along with a Handmade Pet KeyChain AND an Arbonne Party for up to 10 people.The party will include ALL of the following:

  • Full Arbonne Facials using our RE9 Line 
  • Arbonne Protein Smoothies for everyone
  • $125 in Arbonne Products

The party will also consist of raffles, games, and prizes!! Total Value: $300.00

Full Circle Healing is donating a one hour massage. Value $70.

Logo1Vega is donating a Vega Gift Basket valued at $200.

Kathy Landry is donating a Gift Certificate for One-Hour Psychic Medium or Animal Communication Consultation (available remotely by phone to raffle winner)

downloadfile-17V-Dog Food and Breathbones


NE_5Mark_wNElogo_side-2The Natural Epicurean’s Online Workshop, Cooking For Wellness: An Introduction to the 5 Essential Healing Cuisines

$449 value


Pet Lover’s Gift Basket