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You can give back to the animals every single day by becoming a member. This Giving Tuesday, with your help, we can reach our goal of 60 new Rowdy Girls and Rowdy Guys!

Because of supporters like you, there are two very lucky turkeys who get to celebrate Thanksgiving in their new home – at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

Chi Chi and Alana were spared from slaughter just in the nick of time, and now they get to enjoy their own Thanksgiving dinner, safe from harm.

These two sweet and inquisitive girls are the latest Rowdy Girl Rescue—a rescue made possible by Rowdy Girl Sanctuary supporters like you. When you give to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, you help animals like Chi Chi and Alana and their fellow residents. And when you become a Monthly Member, you get to help animals every day of the year.

Giving Tuesday is just a week away and we have a goal to reach by midnight Texas time on Giving Tuesday. Please help us reach our goal of 60 new Monthly Members!  

It’s just $15 a month to help provide a warm and comfortable home, medical care, and food for the animals at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

And you’re not just helping Rowdy Girl residents—you’re helping spread a message of compassion far and wide that is changing the hearts and minds of people all over the world who hear the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary story.

Watch the inspiring story of Chi Chi and Alana’s rescue here and then become a Monthly Member today. On behalf of all the animals at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, thank you for your generosity!


Renee King-Sonnen
Executive Director

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