This big boy is J.D. –

He’s a purebred Brahman that was surrendered by a breeder named Tara that fell in love with his perfectly pouty nature and adorable personality. When J.D. was just a couple years old he broke his back right leg and he has never been the same. At one time he was a Brahman stud but after he broke his leg his breeding days were over and that tragedy is what ultimately led him to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. Tara knew that when unfortunate life events occurred that threatened his life that she could not send him to slaughter or just give him to anybody. So, one day she channeled a letter straight from J.D.’s heart to my email and thus began the journey of J.D.’s transition to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. 

Because of his leg being broken, J.D. needed to wear a cast for a little while…

But first, J.D. needed to have a little surgery..

This big guy needed A LOT of sedatives to be sedated…

…But he was worth it to get his foot all better!

The following is J.D.’s letter to us…

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Sonnen, 

My name is JDH Mr. Manso 378/6, but my friends just call me JD. I was born on the JD Hudgins – Forgason Division ranch on October 20, 2011. Life was pretty good there. I lived with a bunch of other guys at the main ranch in Hungerford. We didn’t do much there. Mostly we ate good food, took naps in the sun, played games, and waited. 

My waiting days were over the day that Mr. Wallie and his daughter, Tara, came to the ranch looking for a young bull to finish raising for their Brahman cattle operation in West Point, Texas. I noticed them, but they weren’t the first people I saw looking for the right guy and so I didn’t pay much attention to them until they walked into the pen with me and my buddies. They were talking to Neil and didn’t seem to pay too much attention to the guys who ran to the back of the pen, but I wasn’t one of those fraidy bulls. No, I was curious about them. They seemed different from the others who came to visit. They weren’t really paying any attention to me and were talking. I decided I needed to get a closer look at these people and so I sneaked up on Tara and put my head on her hand. She immediately started scratching my head! Oh Boy! That was it! Mr. Wallie said, “Well, it looks like a bull has chosen us. Let’s load this fella up and get this deal done.” And that was the day that my life really began, March 12th, 2013. 

It was a long trailer ride back to their ranch, but they made me feel welcomed by feeding me some delicious sweet feed, making sure I had fresh water, and a cozy spot of grass to sleep on. Every day they would come see me and scratch my chin and ears. I never knew life could be so good. As time went by, I grew from a boy to a man and Mr. Wallie and Tara starting using me as their herd sire. Man oh Man! They had some lovely ladies for me to squire about the pasture. I must admit that I did love my job and they were never disappointed when all my offspring hit the ground every spring. Most of my children had my disposition – gentle, curious, and intelligent. 

Life was really good until fall of 2016. Some new kids arrived and I don’t remember quite what happened, but in the end we found out that I had a broken leg. Tara found me hiding from the other guys and immediately sprang into action. She used trucks, trailers, ATVs and some cattle panels to create a makeshift pen for me and protected me from the other bulls. She made sure I had water and some food. She even got out some generators and work lights for the vet when he got there. At first, I let him touch my leg, but it hurt too much. I took a long nap and when I woke up, my leg didn’t hurt so much anymore. The next day, I walked to the cattle pens and Tara took care of me daily making sure I had some pain relief. It took a few days before I could get an X-ray and that’s when we found out my back right leg was broken just above my knee. Both Mr. Wallie and Tara cried and were so worried about me. Dr. Matt suggested to take me to see Dr. Warner in Elgin. He works on rodeo bulls and they break their legs a lot. Dr. Warner put me in a giant Thompson’s splint and I lived in Elgin for two months. 

Sadly, I could never be a herd sire again. After a six month recuperation period, I went back to Elgin and stayed at a place where they collected my genetics. Those people were really nice and I’m glad to know that I am not the last of my line. Since then, I just hang out in the pasture with the just weaned calves and yearling girls. I don’t pay them much attention, but they enjoy having me around. Life is like the old days – eat, nap and bask in the sun. I love to lay on my side just like I did when I was a baby. 

Mr. Wallie and Tara have been super sad lately. Seems there’s some disagreements in the family and the ranch is being sold. Because they have to move to a very small property, they have been really worried about what will happen to me. Both of them think that even though I have been neutered (that is another long story and very glad I was super sleepy for most of that procedure), they cannot bear the thought of having me sleep forever. We all hope that you have room for me at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. I will do just about anything for a range cube and good scratches on my head, hump, and chin. I even like little human calves. They are pretty funny. I just stay laying down and they scratch my ears and pet my hump. When I get tired of it, I usually just shake my head no and they let me go back to my napping. 

It’s getting hotter and hotter, they have to move by June 28th, and it will be a long journey to come to your ranch. Please let me know if there is a place for me on the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary where I can live out my days continuing to know the peace and love I have always had with Mr. Wallie and Tara. We are all going to miss each other a lot, but I hope they won’t be so sad knowing that I am happy and safe. 


J.D. Hudgins Van Wart

JD is available to sponsor in our Adopt an Animal Program. Read about it here.