When I stumbled across the facebook page VEGAN Journal of a RANCHERS WIFE, it stopped me. What a paradox, I had to learn more. After reading Renee’s story of transition to a vegan way of life, I was so moved that I had to reach out to her and congratulate her for such a brave action, and offer help in a any way I could. I’m inspired daily by her words, thoughts and deeds—she is devoting her life to saving her cows and bringing vegan awareness to anyone who will listen—and even to those who won’t. Never before have I had a desire to visit Texas, but now I feel compelled to meet her and Tommy and their cows one day soon. To me, Renee is redefining the term cowgirl—for the love and devotion she gives these beautiful sentient beings—it’s all for them. Thank you Renee for being authentically you, with the eyes of your heart opened, there is nothing and no one that dare stand in your way of the truth and a better life for all beings. Yeehaw! Lori Christopher www.saloncreativegroup.com