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Lovely and Bodovely

Lovely & Bodovely are sisters.  I raised them from little chicks.  Both of them used to be very very skittish and nervous but now Lovely is my shadow.  Lovely got attacked once by Jolene our daschund and almost died – Jolene ate the whole rear end out of her little body.  She was limp as a dish rag and bleeding bad.  I took her in the house and washed her little body – she looked dead but was breathing.  I wrapped her in a warm dry towel and placed her in a box with hay in it and a lamp.  She stayed in the house for a week while I nursed her back to health with oatmeal water and Zeal, a wellness formula that is very potent for health.  Anyway, this baby got her verve back and now she is my baby girl and always wants my attention.  Dovely is not near as skittish now.  One time she got an infected waddle and I had to nurse her too so I had to handle her more.  I love these chickens!  They are the light of my morning!

Lovely and Bodovely

Lovely and Bodovely and all the chickens are available to adopt in our Adopt an Animal Program. Read about it here.

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