This is Lulu. 

Lulu was another animal who was so loved by her owner – Valerie – that she ended up with us! Lulu was having to stay in a kennel all day long after her parents separated. Lulu was not having the amazing sort of life that Valerie desperately wanted for her and thought that Lulu should have. Although we tried every trick in the book for Valerie and her new boyfriend JC to get to keep her, all the efforts were futile. There was no way for Lulu to have the quality of life that she deserved.

Although it hurt us to take Lulu because we saw how much Valerie loved her, we knew what Valerie was saying was right… So along came Lulu.

Turns out she belonged here because she really was a rowdy girl. Her first night here she busted right through the fence! We heard Lulu crying all night and making a ruckus. I intuited that she needed some privacy or maybe some “blinds” with her never having slept outside before. She was previously an INDOOR pig! We went out and hung her a shade over her sleeping area and then she went right into her pen and went to sleep!

Lulu arriving at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. Look at that smile!

Lulu gets some fresh grapes as snacks. Yum!!

We are so happy to have this sweet girl with us forever.