Mick Davoudian has been an avid animal lover since childhood and has never turned away from an animal in need. Mick has always been an advocate and activist for the rights of humans and non-humans alike. He lives and works in Silicon Valley and for the past 25 years has spearheaded large scale fundraising campaigns, and successfully engaged the philanthropic arms of many hi-tech companies. He has been active in numerous non-profits and boards and has served as President of an arts organization based in San Jose, California.

“It takes heart, vision and courage to speak up for animals in a world that largely deems them as property or mere things. To achieve basic rights for all animals and someday full freedom from human tyranny will require changing hearts and minds to overcome societal apathy and learned helplessness. The good news is humans are innately kind and caring, and once exposed to the truth behind factory farms and slaughter houses they refuse to support these industries. Fighting for the rights of all animals is the next frontier of social justice movements, and farm animal sanctuaries are a crucial part of this movement. I’m proud to be among those fighting for justice and honored to be a part of the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary family.”