pandoras-boxMy Mother used to always tell me “not to open Pandora’s box” – well this is about the most apt illustration of Pandora’s box as I’ve ever seen and I am so glad I opened it and cleaned that bad boy out.

When I think back at all the dead carcasses, bloody bodies, milky-pus filled excretions, menstrual cycles, organs, sliced and diced flesh, etc, etc. that was in my refrigerator THAT was also in my house, I am stupefied! How could I have been so asleep?

Now that I am vegan, when I am anywhere near dead animals treated as food I cringe – I recoil as if I am in a crime scene. I live in a #crueltyfreehome! No animal products whatsoever are allowed in my home for human consumption. The fridge is clean, my body loves it and my soul is at peace.

Violence begets violence. Imagine all the refrigerators the world over full of dead murdered animals. I remember being so shocked when I used to watch scary movies when a human body was found cut up in the freezer. There is no difference! Animals cut up and stored in the refrigerator is the worst horror story of all because it is accepted and taught to our kids and condoned by schools and the government. Stop the madness
© ~ love, Renee (king-sonnen)