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Beef! It’s not “what’s for dinner” with these vegan cattle ranchers from Angleton

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ANGLETON, Texas – In a state known for its beef, one Angleton couple has turned their beef cattle ranch into a cattle sanctuary.

Renee King-Sonnen and her husband Tommy decided to make a drastic change after Renee would become saddened whenever the cows were sent to slaughter.

“My husband’s a multi-generational cattle rancher so when I started seeing these animals as beings instead of things, I didn’t know what to do with that,” Renee said.

Through support from her writings online Renee developed a following.

“I raised $36,000 in less than four months and I bought my husband’s cows.”

Tommy wasn’t sold on the idea instantly.

“She thought she could make a sanctuary here and I told her she was stupid,” Tommy said. “That kind of stuff only happened in California and New York. It’d never work in Texas but I was wrong!”

The couple operates the ranch through funds raised by their non-profit, which is almost two years old now.

For donation information and more on Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, click here.

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