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Wintertime at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

This is how I like my chicken ☝️ alive and showered with love ??I had such a great time during My Visit to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary back in September, that I just had to come back for more! Renee and Tommy are working so hard for the dozens of animals that would otherwise be slaughtered for food, and since I don’t live super far from their sanctuary in southeast Texas, I signed up to be a volunteer ?? I couldn’t wait to see to see all my furry friends again and meet the newly rescued residents, including 2 pigs ? and several cows from Florida ?

During this most recent trip to Rowdy Girl, Renee described to me all the preparations her and Tommy are making to ensure that the animals stay safe and comfortable this winter. Texas winters aren’t exactly brutal, but with immensely unpredictable weather, and all that rain coming from the coast, it can cause very treacherous grounds for the animals ?❄️ The pathways get so muddy that the cows’ legs sink down several inches and that’s no fun ? especially when it’s meal time and they want to get their food!


Look at little Stormy then and now! Last time I saw her, I had to sit on the ground just to pet her because she was so tiny. She’s gotten a lot bigger and she’s roaming the property with all the other cows now. She still gets her bottle (can’t get over how adorable that is!) because Stormy is only 6 months old, and I don’t know if she recognized my voice or just came over to see what the fuss was, but she walked right up to me to say hello and get some attention. Renee even showed me how to feed her ?


Stormy is blind, and although she’s smart and independent, she still shouldn’t have to bother with muddy pathways during inclement weather. Tommy is ready to build roads over the current dirt pathways, but first he needs the funds to purchase the materials. He also wants to build 2 more sheds to provide adequate housing for all the cows when it gets cold and rainy, and he needs food and feeding troughs for the animals. Renee has created a page where people can donate to Winterize Rowdy Girland I encourage you to check it out!



Check out how big Cooper has gotten! Last time I saw him, he was a happy-go-lucky toddler and now he’s so handsome and regal ? He’s got some gorgeous feathers!


As the sun went down, we followed Sadie the dog deeper into the sanctuary to where the cattle and horses were waiting for their dinner. I got to see Cinnamon, Houdini, Rowdy Girl, Frosty, and Fireball, all of whom I’d been thinking about since my last visit.


It was a quiet frenzy as everyone hustled to get their share of food ?? Some of the shyer cows were reluctant to take their share, but Renee made sure they got food in their bellies. The horses definitely weren’t shy! If the cows got too close to them, they would kick at them. Renee hopes that one day they’ll be able to expand the sanctuary and buy the surrounding land so the horses will have their own area. And of course it would mean having the space to rescue more animals.

Once it was dark, we rode back to the house and I said goodbye to Renee, Tommy, and all the dogs. I only wish I could have stayed longer, but I know I will be back soon to do more volunteering ?

Ways You Can Help:

  • Volunteer – If you live in southeast Texas or plan on passing through or visiting, schedule a few hours of your day to help out. There’s always tons to do both indoors & outdoors, and Renee and Tommy will take all the help they can get. Volunteers are essential to keeping the sanctuary running smoothly. Plus, you get to hang out with the animals!
  • Adopt An Animal – Okay, so maybe you aren’t ready to bring home a cow or pig or turkey (yet), but you can sponsor one of the animals of Rowdy Girl to ensure they receive all the care they need. Taking care of so many farm animals is expensive, but you can help give special attention to an animal in need.
  • Spread the Word – Renee has some awesome photos on this page that you can share on social media to spread the word about Rowdy Girl. Also, educating people and showing them how unique and loving farm animals are is a great way to help the cause.
  • Shop the Store – There are some AWESOME new items at the Rowdy Girl store, including coasters, a placemat, ceramic mug, a mousepad featuring Houdini, fleece blankets, pillows, and more! These would make great gifts for any animal lover while also supporting Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

And of course…

Donate to Winterize Rowdy Girl!

No amount is too small. Every donation makes a difference.


I love this picture of Tommy hanging out with Stormy and Sadie. This is what our relationship with all animals should be like ☮

Happy Holidays!!

Jillian ♥


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December 17, 2015

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