Ranchers Advocacy Program

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has become a beacon of hope in Texas for rancher families.  As a result, we are introducing the Rancher Advocacy Program designed to be a platform for complex issues that arise when family members begin having emotional conflicts regarding the “food animals” that are being raised for slaughter and the role they are playing in the system in which their families participate.  This program is for ranchers and their immediate families and will offer solutions that will assist them with the discernment process of moving towards compassionate choices.

This program is currently under development and we are seeking activists and families who want to find out more and possibly get involved with our work.

The goal of the Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP) is to be a support system for ranchers and their families when they begin experiencing the emotional conflict that arises when they begin to see the animals they raised for food as individuals instead of a commodity.  This program will validate their feelings and help them overcome the silent grief and the, “it’s always been done this way” stigma that is inherent and entrenched in the ranching industry.  Our purpose is to help them transition from the “ranching” mentality to a mindset that will open them to compassion and concern for the farm animals they once raised for slaughter.

The second component of this program is education to the industry itself.  We are prepared to speak at any ranching or cattlemans’ associations regarding our program and our mission at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.  As a sanctuary formed by former ranchers, our purpose is to share with them a model whereby they can begin to fathom a choice where before there had been none.  We are here to work with, not against the system, realizing that this alliance is a challenging one.  We are the compassionate solution to ranchers that begin to have a change of heart.

We are in the beginning stages of assembling a Ranchers Advisory Committee that will help review alternative solutions to the economic dilemma that will occur when a ranching family transitions to a compassionate, “no kill” model.  The committee will help create rancher advocacy leaflets that will encourage and inspire ranching communities to begin considering an alternative solution to raising farm animals for slaughter, and how to transition to a plant-based diet and lifestyle. The committee will also help us coordinate workshops and seminars that will further develop our model and their participation.

Those interested in joining our volunteer group need to write a short letter of interest explaining your background.  Committee members must either have been former ranchers, or be a member of a rancher family.  We will ask you to submit a brief description on your ranching history and why you are now choosing to reverse your participation in the ranching industry. Also let us know how you would like to participate in RAP and how you would like to see the program come to life in your community.

Let us know where you are from and email renee@rowdygirlsanctuary.org your letter of interest and the other items requested above.

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