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Ranchers in Transition

This section features the ranchers profiles that we are working with to help them transition from being a ranch where animals were exploited to either a sanctuary, or other model as defined in the Rancher Advocacy Program. If you would like to have a chat with us about your particular ranching background and how we might be able to help, contact us at 979-314-9925 or email 


Starlove Ranch

Hollie and Davey Schacherl - STARLOVE RANCH, Giddings, Texas Almost two years ago, Davey and I packed up our two dogs, two Pygmy Goats, and our cat and left Austin to move out to his family's cattle ranch. Our goal was create a more sustainable life style that...

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The Barrett Family

The Barrett Family StoryMy name is Jennifer Barrett. I live on a farm in Southwest Arkansas where my husband, Rodney, and I have raised cattle and chickens for 18 years. My family and I moved to this farm when I was in high school (1987). I got married in ’91, moved...

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Rocking H Sanctuary Farm

Chad Hubbell - Rocking H Sanctuary Farm I contacted Rowdy Girl Sanctuary because I saw the documentary Vegan: Everyday Stories. I saw what Renee and her husband were doing and I knew from that very moment that I wanted to turn my little micro-farm into a...

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Seth – Kingsbury, Texas

Seth - Kingsbury, Texas Seth and his family lives in Kingsbury, Texas on a little more than 20 acres - they used to farm cattle, chickens and pigs until they went vegan a little over a year ago - since that time they have dwindled their farm down to a few pigs and...

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Angela – Yoakum, Texas

Angela - Yoakum, Texas Angela's story starts in Yoakum, Texas. I met Angela a few years ago at a Texas healthfest. It was there that Angela approached me and was very curious about how me and Tommy had changed our cattle ranch operation. By chance I...

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Tia – Standing Rock, Alabama

Tia - Standing Rock, Alabama Tia in Standing Rock, AL has a ways to go to convince her husband that becoming anything other than a cattle ranch is feasible. However, she is determined -  and get this....they are both vegan - well she's vegan and he's "plant...

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