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“It’s time to Rescue Ranches”

Mission Statement

To provide resources and guidance to ranchers who are ready to move in the direction of a lifestyle of compassion towards farm animals; and life-affirming choices and business practices.

The Rancher Advocacy Program is a result of the founder’s personal experiences with ranchers and their families that have contacted her to have a dialogue regarding how we have converted our former ranching operation in Texas, and how they too might transition their ranch from using animals for profit, to caring and saving them while determining other ways to make a living on the same land.

(See Overview for program definition)


The Rancher Advocacy Program desires to have personal contact with 50 ranchers per year. We are proactively positioned to influence Texas Ranchers through the program’s activities and we expect that we will be able to also engage with ranchers anywhere in the world who hear of our work and reach out to us. At any given time RGS is in conversations with 4-5 ranchers at a time every week.

Initial Screening

Typically, a rancher or family member will reach out to the founder, Renee King-Sonnen either on a FB private message or an email. Renee will then attempt to carry the conversation forward by phone. After the initial phone call, we will determine if the rancher wants to take the next step and go through the screening process so that we can determine whether they are ready to go through RAP’s extensive Intake Process. There are 2 stages that Ranchers usually go through. They are as follows:

  1. Realizes that using animals for food is cruel and that they are contributing to environmental decline but are apprehensive to make changes in the present situation they are in.
  2. Has decided to take the next step and change the situation they are in by plugging in to the “next step” which would determine whether we would come there for an Onsite Assessment.

Intake Process

The intake process consists of a series of questions designed to help us discover the lay of the land, your ranching background and the scope of your farm and ranch.  Please click on the form link below and answer to the best of your ability.

Onsite Assessment

Once you have gone through the screening and intake process we will then set up an “on site assessment” so that we can meet you and your family. We will walk the premises, meet the animals, check out the equipment, the conditions of the buildings, barns etc. And most importantly, we will meet you and get to know you as the compassionate “salt of the earth” folks that you are:

Rancher Counseling & Transition Stage

Once the ranch has been deemed a candidate by the RAP committee, we will counsel the rancher regarding the Rancher Advocacy Program and will begin the process of being an ongoing outreach to the rancher and their families so that we can help them make the transition model that they are best suited for, smoothly and with confidence. (see models of transition below)

Transition Models for the Rancher Are:

  • Ranch to Sanctuary
  • Ranch to Plant Based Farm – Distribution Contract with a Plant Based Food Company
  • Ranch to Solar Energy Farm
  • Ranch to Wind Energy Farm
  • Ranch to Veganic Agriculture
  • Ranch to a Lab Grown Meat Facility (this model is not available yet but will be in the future)
  • Ranch to Feed Store Business Model
  • Ranch to rewilding scenario
  • Ranch to other

Ranchers in Recovery Hotline

We will set up a private line that is dedicated to ranchers, and families and friends of ranchers that want to reach out and talk to us about their situation. The number will be printed on all of our marketing materials, website and social media.


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