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The Rancher Advocacy Program is coordinating with subject-matter experts from diverse disciplines to develop business and financial models for transition from animal farming to 3 core RAP TRACKS: 1) Solar Farming 2) Wind Farming, and 3) Veganic Farming. 

The primary deliverables of RAP’s Research and Development (R&D) are: 1) Development of a General Assessment Methodology (model) for ranchers interested in exploring transition from animal farming; 2) Development of “Transition Kits” that provide financial costing and ROI estimates for transitioning to the three core RAP Tracks; and 3) a RAP Consultancy of subject-matter experts available to support Ranchers through all stage of transition. See www.rowdygirlsanctuary.org/RAP

So many factors have to be considered when determining the right TRACK and corresponding KIT that will be the optimal solution for each individual Rancher. The model we choose for one ranch will be different than the one we choose for another, like: 1) is the land hilly, rocky or is it flat pasture land 2) what is the condition of the soil? 3) does the soil need to be remediated? 4) How many acres and what geographic location? 5) what types of seasons does the land experience? 6) has there been major flooding, fires or other environmental or climactic events? 7) is the property in a flood plane? 8) is there any bodies of water on the land, and what is the condition of the water? 9) how much debt does the rancher have 10) how much income does the rancher need to make, etc. 

The Assessment Kit will ask the Rancher to estimate their current total assets, debt, revenue history and revenue projections. Based on those inputs, the RAP will provide generic financial estimates on transition to the three RAP Tracks which will be calculated at a comparable scale. The business models will provide three sample scenarios based on “real world” rancher operations where transitions to one of the three core RAP Tracks are modeled to compare revenue projections, resource usage, carbon footprint, etc. 

None of this information exists all together anywhere, in print or online form. We will be providing a truly valuable and strategic resource to the AR movement. 

It could take 6 months to a year to get all this data collected. Once collected and organized into the profiles of the 3 RAP TRACKS, we will begin a marketing plan. I foresee our strategy designed to target Texas farms and ranches. 

There are 248,000 farms and ranches in Texas. 98% of those ranches are family owned. A majority of that 98% is managed by women or minorities. When you take these statistics into consideration, you can easily see that if we are able to successfully reach 3-7 ranchers the first year, and we offer them one of the RAP KITS to transition from a cruelty model to a compassionate earth friendly model, and it works—the stories of Texas ranchers converting will be a catalyst for the rest of the state and the country. 

Remember that ranchers love animals—they love the land too. They’ve just been taught that there’s only their way to profit. Once we offer them other viable options and they see it work, they too will have the same sentiment as my husband when he said “I never liked sending my calves to the sale barn—I just didn’t know it could be different be any other way.” 

The RAP is paving the way and you can join our growing coalition to make this happen. Call 979-314-9925 to learn how you can get involved. 

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