Angleton, TX
February 8, 2017

Renee King-Sonnen, founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Angleton, Texas and wife of a former cattle rancher is urging Hamilton Meat Company in Weatherford, Texas to free a steer who made his bid for freedom by escaping the butcher on Friday, Feb. 3rd. The steer, who King-Sonnen has named “Runaway”, led his pursuers on a two-hour chase through the busy streets of Weatherford, TX where he was finally captured by cowboys that roped and tied him to the pavement. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has since been inundated with phone calls begging King-Sonnen to rescue Runaway and let him live out his days in safety and the comfort of sanctuary.

Hamilton Meat Company has up to this point stated that Runaway was in an anonymous pasture in DeLeon recuperating, and even with all the pressure of Animal Rights Activists, PETA, Jane Velez Mitchell, and concerned citizens they have yet to tell us exactly where he is; nor have they been willing to release him to sanctuary to date. They have been very cordial but adamant that at this time the family has made the decision not to pardon him. WE are still hopeful. They did offer to sell the steer to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary for $1.25 per pound. It is Rowdy Girl Sanctuary’s policy not to purchase animals who will become residents of their farm animal sanctuary because this propagates the idea that farm animals are commodities to be bought and sold like slaves.

The Weatherford Police Department posted a video on their website on February 3 that shows the steer’s escape and had been viewed more than 6.5 million times at the time of this release.

The story is now viral and “Runaway” is a symbol for all sentient beings that would love to escape the brutal death of slaughter. The public’s interest in Runaway’s story illustrates a rapidly expanding movement in Texas to advocate on behalf of animals raised for food and for a move towards vegan diets.

Rowdy Girl supporters has offered to pay for transportation of Runaway to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary if Hamilton Meat Company will agree to free him to sanctuary. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has also offered Hamilton Meat Company $1,000 worth of a vegan meat product if they will free Runaway and we found out yesterday that PETA will also pay for his transport to any sanctuary in the country.

“This animal desperately wants to live and deserves a break after what he has endured. We just want him to live out his days in a sanctuary. We implore Hamilton Meat Company to pardon and free Runaway so he can have the second chance he fought so hard for,” says King-Sonnen.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization that provides sanctuary to rescued farmed animals and advocates a vegan lifestyle.

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