Spot was the matriarch of the herd. She could tell you the story of Rowdy Girl long before it was a Sanctuary! She was here when Tommy moved to the ranch in Angleton in 2001. Most likely born around 1998, Spot was about 20 years old when she passed away – the oldest cow in the herd! She was also one of the best cows in the herd. Spot never gave Tommy any problems. Not only was she friendly but she was such a great mother. It was so heartwarming to see her in the herd with her babies; to watch her in the comfort and peace of knowing her children wouldn’t be taken away to the sell barn. 

Who knows how many babies she had to witness going to slaughter before her time at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. Her pregnancy with Notalia right before we became a sanctuary — and immediate pregnancy with Blue afterwards — were the gifts of motherhood that she could finally keep. I’m so happy for her life. The relief I feel that she never had to cry over the loss of another baby is immeasurable.

After watching a better future for her herd unfold, Spot died peacefully of old age on January 26, 2018.