Stella is Constellation’s nickname. She is the daughter of Rowdy Girl and her daddy is Frosty. Stella got the name Constellation because when she was born she looked like she had black stars studded all over her little body – she has always been especially gorgeous and has never known what it means to be abused, sold, confined; nor has she ever been on a kill floor. She is family.

As little Stella grew, her horns began to come of age and she began to get a little cocky – she has always been bonded with me because I love her like she is my granddaughter, cause she is. I never had any human kids of my own but I have been honored to be called Cow Moma to the rowdy herd. Stella can be a little feisty and she has no problem swinging them horns right at ya if she has a mind to but she and I have a truce—as long as I get on the ground and inch my way ever so slowly towards her, talking very soft and kind to her she complies –

I love this girl to the “moon” and back! No pun intended. If you support our work, we would be ever so grateful if you would become a member – it means the world to us!