Difference between Loving Chicken and Chickens

When I 1st stopped eating eggs it was the hardest! I loved the taste of a chickens menstrual cycle. And when I found out what it was, I felt lied to again – noone told us in school we were eating scrambled or fried periods of a chicken – AND, furthermore when I found out that a normal chicken lays 12-13 eggs/year it all made sense – just like women have 1 period per month.

But because chickens have been jacked with by humans to basically have a period every single day, their poor little systems are critically compromised just so humans can use their periods in their cake batters, corn breads, meringues, souffles, egg nogs, etc – it is so unnecessary and so cruel.

I started thinking “how would I like it if someone genetically modified me so that I would have a period everyday, and then how would I like it if people came in everyday to steal my periods, commodify them and eat them. I started seeing humans are perverts – as cannibals – as abusers over the voiceless – I know that if you asked a chicken and it could talk – it wouldnt want to have a period every day and then have it served sunny side up or hard boiled by humans – would you?”

© ~ love, Renee (king-sonnen)