Ranchers Advocacy Program

The RAP Team


Renee King Sonnen

Founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary – former ranchers wife

Tommy Sonnen

Cofounder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary – former rancher now vegan with ranching heritage dating back to the late 1800’s

Kat Moss Mendenhall

Dr. Ted Crawford

Paul Magee Berry

Jeri Devereaux

Organizer for Direct Action Everywhere – Jeri’s Bio


Jody Rasch

RAP Finance Advisor – Jody’s Bio

David Ebert

RAP Legal Advisor– David’s Bio

Karen Ellis-Ritter

Educator, Public Speaking & Events – Cofounder of Compassionate Farming Education Initiative – Karen’s Bio

Anita Krajnc

Cofounder of The SAVE Movement– Anita’s Bio

Jaime Sirna

Marketing, Social Media, Events, Educator, Public Speaking & Activism – Executive Director & Cofounder of Brian Farm Sanctuary – Canada – Jaime’s Bio

Nadia Schilling

Farmed Animals Campaign Director, In Defense of Animals – Nadia’s Bio

Lynn Max

Co-owner of Veg Avengers Marketing – Lynn’s Bio

Harris Max

Co-owner of Veg Avengers Marketing – Harris’s Bio

Will Gildea

Campaigns and Policy Pfficer at The Vegan Society– Will’s Bio

Nigel Osborne

Executive Director of Egg-Truth – Nigel’s Bio

Marlene Narrow

Host of Vegan Nation radio – Marlene’s Bio

Kris Taylor

Founder Shy 38 – Kris’s Bio

Ryuji Chua

Vegan Social Media Influencer – Ryuji’s Bio

Robert Grillo

President & Director, Free From Harm – Robert’s Bio

Dani Alexander

Animal Rights Activist – Dani’s Bio

Sailesh Rao

Founder & Executive Director, Climate Healers – Sailesh’s Bio

Greg Litus

Manager of Colorado Research Center – Greg’s Resume

Jane Velez Mitchell

JaneUnChained News Network

Jocelyn Cole

Organizer with the Save Movement – Jocelyn’s Bio

Jeri Devereaux

Organizer for Direct Action Everywhere – Jeri’s Bio

Krista Hiddema

Activist Academic, Public Speaker, Eco-Feminist and Consultant – Krista’s Bio

Joyce Christensen

Ana Bulnes

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