Special thanks to everyone that came out to our first annual Vegan Event! We had 97 paid attendees and so many amazing volunteers, speakers, entertainers, sponsors and vendors! Folks came from as far as Uruguay, California, Georgia and Louisiana; and we had a lot of local support.

The atmosphere was reminiscent of a mini Woodstock and next year we are considering a 2 or 3 day event so mark your calendars for the 1st weekend in May, 2016 – Details TBA ~

Next year, we expect attendance to double as the word is out and we are already getting vegan folks in Austin that want to help.

Erin Eder & Wild Cactus Rose entertained the crowd with passionate enthusiasm and a soulful delivery. Jim Pharis was a great story teller and soothed the crowd with his mellow magic. Michael Vybiral surprised us all with his vibrant personality, incredible charm and graceful talent on both guitar and fiddle.

The speakers were the best ever! Dr. Philip Conklin, Lorena Mucke, Kip Andersen, Sofia Pineda Ochoa and Kathy Landry delivered a thoughtful vegan message and each one had a unique vegan message and perspective. See the speaker’s websites for information regarding their mission and purpose by clicking on their individual names.

And, I was honored to deliver my first vegan message publicly and was very moved by the reception I received. I spoke on My Journey: From Cattle Rancher’s Wife to Vegan Activist & Founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.

Vendors that supported the event were:

Janet Lauer’s Divine Massage & Sauna, Animals, Art & Arbonne

Vegan Society of Peace, Well For Real

Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

Peaceful Pieces Shop & Energy Healing

Wholistic Kitchens, ChiroSelf & Brazoria County SPCA

Volunteers that made the event happen were: THANK YOU FROM ROWDY GIRL!

Nancy Norwood Evans, Shana Childress, Amanda Foytik, Teresa Downing, Stephanie Huffman, Lisa Clark, Beth Swanson Arnold, Tonya Daily, Janet Lauer, Kathy Landry, Melanie Blake, Annie Hartley, Dolly Ahuja, Sandy McAvin & my husband who does more than anyone will ever know, Tommy Sonnen!

Food Sponsors:

Tofurky, Follow Your Heart, Beanfields Snacks, So Delicious Dairy Free


Cowspiracy, V-Dog, Vegan Empire, Free Cookie & Lisa Browne Marketing

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Drew Alexis & Farm Sanctuary for all they do to inspire, encourage & motivate Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Special thanks to the Vegan Legion for championing for Rowdy Girl in tough times.

And last but not least, thanks to McKenna Grace Fisher – my relentless vegan warrioress.

 This event is dedicated to Herman, The Miracle Pig