Vet Care Campaign

Will you help us recover the Vet Care expenses that support the lifelong care of our residents. September was an expensive month for us – we had two call outs—one for Rowdy Girl who had a weird infection in one of her teats and the other for our beloved Big Bird whom we had to sadly euthanize due to chronic pain and debilitating arthritis that crippled him. It was a devastating blow to us all.  $3000 will help us recover expenses for 2021 and give us the cushion we need to anticipate other healthcare needs and emergencies that always arise when caring for rescued farm animals.

At Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, providing lifelong vet care to our animal residents is our number one priority. Caring for over 100 farm animals is an immense responsibility and because of you, we can meet the rigorous demands that come with the obligation of being their caretakers.

It takes a staggering variety of medicine and supplies to take care of animals in pain, discomfort and distress. We need vaccines, ointments, wound wraps, dewormers, parasite sprays, pain relievers, vitamins, and so much more. And the list of prescribed medications goes on forever — many of them very expensive.


Last week we lost our beloved Big Bird (pictured here with JD and Jeddo). I can hardly write about it even now because he means so much to us. He, along with Murray whom we lost 2 years ago were best friends- Tommy was very close to them. Big Bird had a chronic arthritic condition that immobilized him on several occasions- the last time he was down we thought the end was at hand but with the help of two men we got him up. This time when he went down there was no getting him up. 24 hours passed and though his mind was strong, his body had given up. We tried everything—even a tractor hoist. The vet came and assured us the most humane thing we could do was lay him to rest so he wouldn’t suffer through another night only to get weaker and more debilitating. He went to sleep with me and Tommy at his side. He ate a whole bag of apples before leaving his body. I wept on his big neck and told him how much we all loved him when he passed. He was beloved by many and his memory will live in our hearts forever –
Love, Renee

P.S. Big Bird along with 7 other bovines were rescued from an extreme cruelty situation in Dade County Florida from the South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue – Big Bird and his friends were in a backyard slaughter house and their deaths would’ve been horrible. I’ll never forget the day they arrived. Big Bird was about 17-20 years old— he was a male Holstein- most male Holsteins never see the light of day as they are considered a byproduct and waste in the dairy industry. Big Bird was a big and beautiful personality!

They all want to live, just like us and that should be their God given right. Here’s to all of the sanctuaries that rescue farm animals from the barbaric system of normalized violence. Big Bird was a majestic soul and as kind as he was big. When you eat their bodies, you can’t see them. That’s the only way you can eat them—is to not see them. RIP my friend 🌸