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Activism Workshop & Vegan Food Demo


Upcoming Workshops

Sunday, October 21st
9:30 – 6:30 pm
With Dani Alexander & Michael May

November 18th
December 16th


Use the form on this page to make your donation for the event. Please calculate the amount based on the number of people you are registering for.

$25.00 for workshop only
$10.00 for Vegan Meal
Workshop FREE To members (vegan meal excluded)

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The Animal Activism Workshops & Vegan Food Demo Series are Rowdy Girl Sanctuary’s last quarter events and will be used to spotlight animal activism that is going on in and around the Houston, Brazoria County and Galveston areas. We want to hear from organizations like PETA, The SAVE Movement, Anonymous for the Voiceless, Direct Action Everywhere and others that are making a difference in relieving the suffering of animals. We are looking for animal activists that are interested in presenting an activism workshop on the organization that they are affiliated with. The goal is to engage new budding activists to the scene and to engage in lively discussions with seasoned activists. ($25.00 each – FREE TO MEMBERS)  

The other component of this series will be a Rancher Advocacy Program Workshop, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary’s signature program that was launched in June 2018. Renee and Tommy will talk about how their conversion from a cattle ranch to a vegan farm sanctuary has birthed a movement towards other ranchers wanting to change. There will be a presentation on what the RAP is, the services it provides, and how you can get involved to spread the RAP in your area. Q&A will follow. 

Lastly, we will have a Vegan Food Demo with Michael May, who joined RGS in late July as a full-time animal caretaker. Michael will entertain you and serve you his fine vegan cuisine, all recipes that he has perfected from the Thug Kitchen Cookbook. Come hungry and ready to learn new and exciting tips on how to prepare vegan food for a crowd! ($10.00) Cost for the Meal. 


October 21st Activism Workshop & Vegan Food Demo

Activism Workshop by Dani Alexander

Dani Alexander is a growing figure of the Animal Rights community. She worked to form several animal activism organizations. She has been a notable member of PETA for her work against SeaWorld and the dog labs of Texas A&M, and was instrumental in the removal of mink lashes from a local eyelash retailer. Dani lives and works in Houston, Texas.

Vegan Food Demo by Mike May

Michael began his passion for cooking and meal prepping in 2015. Unfortunately, he wasn’t vegan at the time, but it was very therapeutic. Jokingly, he claims that his time in the kitchen became a way for him to soothe his self-diagnosed OCD😉.  

Michael’s dog, Tarzan was an integral catalyst in his transformation to veganism. On January 14, 2017, Tarzan, his golden retriever was born. Tarzan entered Michael’s life 8 weeks later and with Tarzan came his research and understanding of veganism. The more he delved into the subject the more he was convinced that a plant-based diet was changing people’s lives. So, he started his journey towards a plant-based diet selfishly, to improve his own health. He quickly realized that he was going to need variety, and it was during that time that he found “Thug Kitchen” cook books.

He started preparing and eating plant-based meals during the week and maintained his omnivore diet on the weekends. So far, he’s created over 50 “thug kitchen” dishes. The more he delved into veganism, the more he realized that not only was his personal health compromised, but so was the environmental global footprint, animal suffering and world hunger. As soon as he knew these facts, it just made plain common sense to him to go 100% vegan right then and there.

Today, he still loves meal prepping, and cooking but now he spreads the vegan message through his work, outreach and social media. He is reminded everyday why he went vegan, and why it is the only way to go. He’s an aspiring writer and journals his vegan experiences daily. In his spare time at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, he prepares vegan meals from the “Thug Kitchen” cook books, and raves that they are the best cook books ever! 

Not only will you get to eat whatever he cooks, but you will also get to learn his tips, tricks and creative expression in the Rowdy Kitchen.

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