Danny & Doogie

Their owners raised these two beautiful creatures since they were only a few weeks old and grew to love them as part of their family. You can see and hear the love they have for these two beings. They decided to surrender them to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary to give them hope and a beautiful life. Even though it was tough for them to say goodbye to Danny and Doogie they knew they were safe and in great hands with US!

Since Danny and Doogie were 10 years old, they fell in the category of special needs. This means they required more medical care and attention, special diets, and time to learn, appreciate and adapt to their new home.

Danny passed from a heat stroke on June 12, 2022 during an unbearable summer when record temperatures soared to 110 degrees. Doogie was lost without Danny. Danny was Doogie’s shadow. When Doogie walked, Danny followed. Doogie was the most outgoing and Danny adored him. Seeing the two of them together all the time made my heart swell with joy, knowing that we could give them this opportunity to thrive in their elder years.
Doogie was 12+ years old when he passed away in January 2023. He loved hanging out with humans. After Danny the summer before he didn’t want to be with anybody but us. There is nothing easy about losing animals you grow to love on sanctuary. A new level of compassion opened up in my heart the day I surrendered to my vegan heart. I never knew I had the capacity for so much empathy before vegan!
Doogie loved hanging out in the office and on the front porch. Banana peels were his favorite snack and that boy could devour a bag of greens like nobody’s business. He and Tommy were also great friends. Doogie has a special place in Tommy’s tender vegan heart. Tommy get’s the very painful job of burying all of our animals when they pass away and it is extremely hard on him.