Danny & Doogie

LET’S WELCOME DANNY AND DOOGIE TO THE ROWDY GIRL FAMILY, Y’ALL! These two beautiful creatures are the newest addition to our sanctuary. The SPECIAL thing about their story is they are 10 YEARS OLD and we get to take care of them for the rest of their lives and they will never know human cruelty!!

Their owners have raised them since they were only a few weeks old and grew to love them as part of their family. You can see and hear the love they have for these two beings. They decided to surrender them to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary to give them hope and a beautiful life. Even though it was tough for them to say goodbye to Danny and Doogie they knew they were safe and in great hands with US!

Since Danny and Doogie are 10 years old, they will fall in the category of special needs. This means they require more medical care and attention, special diets, and time to learn, appreciate and adapt to their new home.

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