Families Choosing Compassion

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is initiating a much needed program called Families Choosing Compassion. We aim to be a compassionate, alternative environment for children to raise and care for farm animals from the time they are born until the day they naturally die.

This program is currently under development and we are seeking activists and families who want to find out more and possibly get involved with our work.

The goal of the Families Choosing Compassion (FCC)  program is to bring families of children together that are saddened by the end result that leads to the slaughter of raising their friends (“school projects”) in the FFA/4h models. We are not an antagonist but rather a substitute and safe haven for children and families that can’t remain desensitized in the “food” animal structure prevalent in our education systems.  We aim to instill a deeper awareness and appreciation of farm animals as unique individuals, worthy of our love and respect.

A second component of this program is education.  We are prepared to speak at any school function or event regarding our program and our mission at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. We are developing a model whereby we can work with not against the system. Children and families are having empathy for their friends that they raise in school.  We are the compassionate substitute when they do.

We are in the beginning stages of assembling a Compassionate Advisory Committee that will help review training modules, certifications, scholarships and presentations.  We will also need to offer activities and events for the families that will inspire and educate them in the direction of a plant based diet or further their passion for animal activism.

Those interested in joining our volunteer group are asked to write a short letter of interest explaining your background.  Committee members must have former experience in FFA or 4H models.  Write a brief description on what you found lacking in the program and how you would like to see FCC better serving the children in today’s society so that we can end the disconnect and stay in touch with feelings of compassion from the day the animals are in their care to the day they leave this earth.

Let us know where you are from and email renee@rowdygirlsanctuary.org your letter of interest and the other items requested above.

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