Families Choosing Compassion

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary’s answer to the animal agriculture school systems of normalized violence is Families Choosing Compassion. FFA & 4H programs teach children that farm animals are “projects” that can win them prize money, ribbons, and status as they climb the ladder of educational achievement toward becoming another cog in the wheel of Big Ag.

Good hearted and kind families purchase animals that are bred for one reason only—to become their child’s “projects”. Many times the children and parents aren’t fully informed and are desperate to find an alternative solution for their friend when they find out that the final grade of the semester is the auction where their friend is bought and sold to the highest bidder and then loaded on a transport truck where they will be slaughtered for food.

These animals have their 100% trust in these kids, and school systems are teaching them to turn their back on their innate compassion to comply with the barbaric tradition and culture of animal agriculture. Many of the kids and families are crushed beyond belief when the clock is ticking for their friend. I’ve counseled dozens of families that are at the breaking point and in tears having lost hope. They are desperate for a solution.

We are the compassionate alternative for children to raise and care for their “friends”, not “projects” until they naturally die.

The goal of the Families Choosing Compassion (FCC)  program is to bring families of children together that are saddened by the end result that leads to the slaughter of raising their friends (“school projects”) in the FFA/4h models. We aim to instill a deeper awareness and appreciation of farm animals as unique individuals, worthy of our love and respect.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you would like to discuss alternative options for your FFA or 4H friend, contact Renee directly at: 281-684-9101 or email her at renee@rowdygirlsanctuary.org

Here is the SURRENDER FORM for FFA or 4H families to fill out in order to be considered for placement at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. Additionally, if we are unable to take the animal ourselves we will assist you placement but this form will also have to be filled out.

Thank you for choosing compassion.

Renee King Sonnen
Executive Director & Founder
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

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