Private Tours

Semi Private  (9-10 person required) – $35/PERSON – Scheduled on Saturday or Sundays

Private – (2-4 person required) $75/person or $300 – 4 person minimum – scheduled anytime during the week

If you want to book a private tour please fill in the following form and then make your donation in the form below it. Rules and other information about visiting the sanctuary are also below.  Call me with any questions: 281-684-9101

Your Information

Visitor Information


Visitors will be required to sign this “hold harmless” release when they get to the sanctuary (SAVE TIME & PRINT, SIGN & BRING WHEN YOU COME.)
Please leave your pets at home unless you call me first and get permission (we have 9 dogs 4 cats, 24 chickens and many farm animals)  When other animals aren’t used to our babies there can be problems.


Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is 50 miles south/southwest of Houston at 5001 West Highway 35 in Angleton, Texas.

Mapping software has trouble finding our address so please follow these directions:

  • Take 288 South towards Lake Jackson.
  • Exit Highway 35 – Go West. (Turn right if you are coming from Houston)
  • The Ranch is exactly 7 miles on the left.
  • U-turn at the orange building just past the Bar-X-Ranch

Come Prepared!

  • Wear rubber boots, preferred.
  • Shorts are not advised.
  • Layer clothing
  • If the sun bothers you, wear a hat
  • Sun screen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Treats for the Horses – they love carrots and apples
  • Treats for the Cows – they love sweet feed (get it at feed stores)
  • Treats for the Pigs – they loves bananas, apples, cranberries, salted, in the shell peanuts, and little bitty oreo cookies, corn tortillas (soft)
  • Treats for the Chickens – they love meal worms
  • BRING VEGAN SNACKS TO EAT & SHARE if you want to



This is Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

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