Located in the heart of cattle ranching country just outside of Austin, our sanctuary treats animals as friends and family not food. Each and every one of our 130 farm animals has a name, a story and a unique personality. They were all destined to become food or were deemed inconvenient to keep. At Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, all enjoy the freedom and love they deserve.

We were Texas cattle ranchers. We consumed animals just like many people do. Then the day came when the anguished cries of the mother cows watching their babies go to the sale barn could no longer be tolerated. A place where slaughter was the norm became a place of peace after enormous challenges were overcome. Read our story here.

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Bon Appetit just published a feature story about Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. 

Our story caught the attention of journalist Ali Francis who grew up on a 16,000-cattle farm in Australia. The interview with Tommy and me features us as former cattle ranchers that had a vegan change of heart and how we are impacting tradition. Bon Appetit is known for reaching a mainstream and influential audience. 

The story has the potential to affect significant dietary change trends. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is attracting the attention of folks outside of what we call the vegan bubble. 

We know we cannot rescue our way out of a cruel and violent food system, and that we must reach new audiences. That is one of our major initiatives and the Bon Appetit story is exactly what that looks like! 

Unable to come to terms with the cruel reality of animal agriculture, a former Texas cattle rancher goes vegan and transforms her husband’s beef operation into a farmed animal sanctuary. When their story goes viral, she realizes her true calling: to help farmers transition to plant-based and end their business of animal agriculture. “Rowdy Girl” showcases the inspiring work of an animal activist who has been on both sides and proves that there is a common ground between farmers and vegans – a shared mission of compassion and sustainability.

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Texas is Going Vegan

Jane Velez-Mitchell and Renee, founder of RGS, co-wrote this catchy country tune about Texas Going Vegan

CBS Evening News

My story about going vegan on my Texas Cattle Rancher husband story went viral across America on CBS EVENING NEWS.

Texas Country Reporter

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was featured on Texas Country Report. They did a great job of telling our story.

Meet Alena Hidalgo

Meet Alena Hidalgo, a young girl who refused to let her beloved pig Gizmo go to slaughter.

Vegan Movie

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is so honored to be included as one of the stories in this vegan movie.

The week of our Vegan Awareness Festival & Fundraiser, the Producer, Director & Cinematographer came to the ranch and followed our story for 5 days. The experience of being filmed, interviewed and questioned about our journey from a beef cattle ranch in Texas, to the first Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary in the state has been life changing.

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