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It’s Jerky Y’all Video

Thanks to It’s Jerky Y’all  for this great video!

Mercy for Animals Video

Thanks to Mercy for Animals for this great video!

Texas is Going Vegan Video

Monday just got a whole lot better because apparently Texas is going VEGAN!!! 😂😂 And is that Jane Velez-Mitchell on percussion?!! ❤️

Texas Country Reporter

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was recently featured on Texas Country Report. They did a great job of telling our story.

This is Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Video

Meet the animals who live at the sanctuary and hear the story of how Rowdy Girl Sanctuary came to be. I promise you’ll be inspired! Here at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, we believe that creating a compassionate world is easy if we just open our hearts.

Watch our behind-the-scenes video here and then make your donation today to help farm animals.

Vegan Movie

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is so honored to be included as one of the stories in this vegan movie which was just released.

The week of our Vegan Awareness Festival & Fundraiser, the Producer, Director & Cinematographer came to the ranch and followed our story for 5 days. The experience of being filmed, interviewed and questioned about our journey from a beef cattle ranch in Texas, to the first Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary in the state has been life changing.

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From a Cattle Ranch to Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary


Meet the animals who inspired the sanctuary.


Rowdy Girl

Before the sanctuary was founded, Renee purchased Rowdy Girl, an orphaned calf, for $300 from a rancher up the road at Tommy's urging with hopes of coercing her to get more involved in the cattle ranch. Renee bottle-fed Rowdy Girl and she became the conduit that...


Houdini is our natural escape artist – indirectly she is the real reason that I told my husband that I was gonna follow the red trailer down the road to the sale barn if he took the babies one more time to auction.  Because Houdini was Rowdy Girl’s baby, I used...


Panda is the cow that used to scare the daylights out of me because of her horns.  In fact when I first moved to the ranch I thought she was a bull because I didn’t know girl cows could have horns.  I’ve learned all kinds of interesting things living out...


Lemuria is my first horse.  Tommy traded our bull Warty for him about 5 years ago and when we first got him his name was Diablo which translates to Devil.  I didn’t like that name and he had a temperament that was pretty devilish so I changed his name to Lemuria after...


Cinnamon comes to us from Brookshire, TX – she is a full blood Brahman show cow with registration papers.  The ranch has some 50 cows on it that are bred to show as a hobby – unfortunately because of the sad system we have if a cow aint reproducing she’s...


  Frosty is a pure bred Texas Longhorn! He came to us at 6 months old. When he came to Rowdy Girl he was very anxious and scared.  He paced the pen for almost two weeks because he missed his momma and family so much. You see, Frosty too was bred by a...


Fireball is a steer that came to us by way of someone I met in Brazoria a couple of years ago. She had been following my journey on FB and knew us when we used to have a concrete business a few years ago. In watching my posts she said she was inspired - she's been...

Harvey “Rainbow”

We got the call on Friday, September 15th. Norman Tucker, a resident of the Bar X Ranch subdivision found a baby calf that had taken up residence near the doorsteps of a Bar X homestead in Angleton, TX. Norman said that it appeared she had been in flood waters since...


Alena Hidalgo of Pearland, Texas, was one of those teens. She spent months getting to know Gizmo, the pig she purchased through the FFA. It didn’t take long for the two to bond as she played with him every day and made sure his pen was squeaky clean. When she looked...


Ivy came to Rowdy Girl because the family cared so much about this baby that they could not bear the only other option looming in their face—euthanization.   They had tried everything and were in a state of despair.  Several unforeseen family...


Pepper came to Rowdy Girl because the family was desperate to find sanctuary for him after his best friend died suddenly of a heart attack.


Murray came to us in 2016 from a horse sanctuary that did not have the resources to host him. Representatives searched for a sanctuary that would take Murray and seven other cows.  After calling many sanctuaries that could not take them in, they found...

Herman – Gone But Not Forgotten

Herman was an 11 year old pot belly pig that came to us from a high kill shelter.  He was abandoned when his owner died.  The family members never came to pick him up. We didn’t know how we were going to be able to adopt him since we were not fully operational yet and...

Testimonials & Words of Encouragement


I've received such great feedback about our efforts. Warms my heart!


Kip Andersen

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is a reflection of the transformation that is happening all over the world towards a new paradigm of compassionate living.  Ranchers becoming protectors reminds me of the Garden of Eden, where the lions once laid beside the lambs. And what a beautiful story that is being played out on this love filled sanctuary that reminds us that this next step of evolution has already arrived, truly, once again…Kip Andersen –

Julia, Director Medicine of the Wolf

I believe Renee is on a spiritual journey and that her heart couldn’t deny what was staring her right in the face—LOVE. Buddha said- Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it. Please support Renee and her mission to give these beings a home that is happy, healthy and holy!

Sat Nam, With love, Julia, Director Medicine of the Wolf

Kimberly Spiegel

Renee exudes positivity, hope, and absolute love for her cows. She has a wonderful vision and is fiercely motivated by her discovery of veganism to spread the message of compassion by creating a sanctuary where everyone can come see how wonderful cows are. I think with her passion and dedication, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary will be a great success as a beacon of hope and love…Kimberly Spiegel

Kathy Landry

The compassionate mission of Renee and Tommy Sonnen has been a beacon of promise for me that the human spirit can – and will – rise and return to it’s innate propensity for respect, non-harm, and solidarity with our fellow earthlings.  Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is a soulful meeting place of inter-species hearts, minds, & souls. My heart has been nourished and my soul uplifted that our world can heal and re-frame!  Thank you Renee and Tommy for your dauntless courage!!  ~ Kathy Landry, Animal Communicator/Psychic Medium, Singer/Songwriter, Vegan, Native Texan

Jeanne Westphal

I love Renee… Her decision to go Vegan was clear and her actions were swift!!! Her Integrity is outstanding as I have seen her work diligently day and night to bring this Sanctuary to fruition. Her love for the animals can be seen by the huge smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes when she is out in the pasture with them. Her heart is as big as Texas when it comes to protecting the precious animals. We need more people like Renee on this planet taking action to help end the suffering of our fellow beings…Jeanne Westphal

Emily Moran Barwick

There is nothing quite as moving as seeing a person make the connection that the animals of this world are individuals- sentient beings- here for their own lives, not for our use.  And there’s nothing quite as powerful as this connection being made by a person in belly of the beast (the animal products industry.)  Renee is such a person.  And her conversion from perpetrator to protector is a testament to that fact that none of use are too far gone to make the connection.  The non-human animals of this world feel as we feel, bleed as we bleed, and suffer as we suffer.   They deserve life, love, and protection.  And the cows of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary have found just that. ~ Emily Moran Barwick,

McKenna Grace Fisher

Since meeting Renee and learning of her journey into Vegansim I am more than encouraged that many more will come to the same realization as she has. To transition from cow ranchers wife to Vegan activist setting up a Sanctuary, is a life altering and amazing feat! Renee you will forever have my support in this venture of transition to a cruelty free Sanctuary where animals may live free their entire lives. Bless you my friend and thank you for being you in this world… McKenna Grace Fisher

Beth Knepper

Renee, what an incredible journey you are on. Your family of animals is so beautiful. The pictures are awesome. Your husband is a lucky man to have a wonderful wife like you with a dream like yours. You are a blessing to everyone you touch. ~ Beth Knepper

Tehrah Taylor

Renee is the voice for the voiceless. She has an authentic way of speaking her heart and mind that implores people to awaken. She stands her ground and follows the leadings of her spirit… I have no doubt that Rowdy Girl Sanctuary will evolve to save the animals; and bring families and communities back together around vegan food preparation.  Her mission is restoring the souls of family and community. When one wakes up and begins to shine their light, others are no longer in the darkness and have a beacon to follow… this light is Renee King-Sonnen… it is my privilege and honor to call her SiStar… I stand with her on this journey as she opens others to RE-Member their purpose.  Heaven on Earth can be achieved with compassion like this… Afterall, in the original EDEN, love was all there was…Tehrah Taylor

Lori Christopher

When I stumbled across the facebook page VEGAN Journal of a RANCHERS WIFE, it stopped me. What a paradox, I had to learn more. After reading Renee’s story of transition to a vegan way of life, I was so moved that I had to reach out to her and congratulate her for such a brave action, and offer help in a any way I could. I’m inspired daily by her words, thoughts and deeds—she is devoting her life to saving her cows and bringing vegan awareness to anyone who will listen—and even to those who won’t. Never before have I had a desire to visit Texas, but now I feel compelled to meet her and Tommy and their cows one day soon. To me, Renee is redefining the term cowgirl—for the love and devotion she gives these beautiful sentient beings—it’s all for them. Thank you Renee for being authentically you, with the eyes of your heart opened, there is nothing and no one that dare stand in your way of the truth and a better life for all beings. Yeehaw! Lori Christopher

Meet our Amazing Team!


Read about each of our team members.


Renee King-Sonnen – Founder

Renee King-Sonnen – Founder

Renee was born and raised in Houston, Texas and is the founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. Renee was a dyed-in-the-vegan wool city girl before moving with her husband, Tommy, to their Angleton, TX Ranch in 2009. She fell in love with all the farm animals on the ranch....

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Tommy Sonnen

Tommy Sonnen

Tommy Sonnen is co-founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and is a multi-generational Texas cattle rancher who retired from Dow Chemical in 2014. After over 30 years on the job, Tommy was ready to get back to his roots and revive the ranching legacy of his...

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Kip Andersen

Kip Andersen

Kip Andersen’s environmental awakening came as a result of An Inconvenient Truth. After seeing the film, he began to recycle religiously, turn off lights constantly, shower infrequently, and ride a bike instead of driving. Andersen believed he was doing everything he...

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Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jane Velez-Mitchell is the founder and content editor of, a hub for the UnchainedTV global streaming network, an APP with hundreds of TV shows and movies about compassion to animals, people and the planet. She has won four Genesis Awards from...

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Paul Magee Berry

Paul Magee Berry

Paul is a board member of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Paul has also been an advocate and full-time professional in the animal protection movement for the past 25 years. He served as the first CEO of Best...

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Brett Christoffel

Brett Christoffel

Brett Christoffel is the founder and CEO of All Y’alls Foods a mission driven plant-based foods company. All Y’alls Exists to nourish consumers, care for the animals, and go easier on the earth. A portion from every sale goes to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. After two decades...

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Ann Conrad

Ann Conrad

I’ve been part of Rowdy Girl’s extended family since my daughter rescued a pig in 2015. With Renee’s exuberant encouragement, I went vegan initially to support my daughter. Soon, however, I became an advocate for veganism in my own right. Currently, I am spreading...

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