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Texas is Going Vegan

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Alena Hidalgo – Why I Saved my Pig?!

2017 Sedona VegFest Panel – Human Relationship With Other Animals

Interview with Anastasia Pseiridis

The Cutest Animal Compilation video of Feb 2017

This is Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary Panel

Host of the “Our Hen House” podcast and the “Animal Law Podcast” and Lecturer in Animal Law at Columbia Law School, Mariann Sullivan, moderates a panel of three widely respected farmed sanctuary executives directors — Kathy Stevens of Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Renee King-Sonnen of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, and Indra Lahiri of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary — about the struggles, successes, and ethics of farmed animal sanctuaries and how to best move forward for a future that acknowledges and respects all animals.


Renee’s Speech at the Farm Animal Rights 2016 Conference


Vegan Movie Sneak Peek

Discovering newborn for the first time

Tommy needs my help

Moving cows to eat hay

Video from Let Freedom for the animals Ring Fourth of July Event

Speech from Rowdy Girl Round Up Assembly & Vegan Dinner Gala

Song from Rowdy Girl Round Up Assembly & Vegan Dinner Gala

Speech from Rowdy Girl Fundraiser

This message from Gene Baur meant the world to me! It couldn’t have come at a better time. Made me cry happy tears.

A volunteer made this video and it rocks!

Visit Renee’s YouTube Channel for all her videos.

Meet the cows that have changed my life. Houdini is clearly the star in this video and my love for them all comes shining through – There is no longer a need to worry about these cows going to slaughter, but I do need to raise the money so that I can transfer them into the non profit sanctuary that I am in the midst of creating right now! PLEASE DONATE – EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS –…

A song I wrote about the red trailer that’s been used to take baby calves to the sale barn where they are sold for slaughter or to be recycled into our food industry. The red trailer in our pasture is now a symbol of hope My vision is to record a video with this song that will depict it’s message clearly. PEACE.

The 3 films produced at RGS won in 3 categories!!!

The 3 films produced at RGS won in 3 categories!!!

(From DOP & Editor Alana Thompson) ~ The results of the 2017 Worldfest Houston International Film Festival are in and Black Ant Films received an award for every entry! I've picked up three Remi awards as DOP and editor! - Gold Remi in "TVC / Corporate...

Cattle Rancher’s Wife Reveals Why She Went Vegan

Cattle Rancher’s Wife Reveals Why She Went Vegan

LIVE as the Texas rancher's wife, Renee King-Sonnen, who went vegan and turned her husband's cattle ranch into the vegan Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, talks to students at Texas Tech University in the heart of cattle country. Sponsored by the Animal Rights Coalition at Texas...