Libby aka “Liberty” came to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary last July. She was a Red Rhode Island chicken that was surrendered to us by a volunteer that rescued her from a fate that would have landed her in the food industry. Libby was always different – she was a solitary girl and the rest of bird clan picked on her a lot.

One day, Libby was unable to walk or lift her tiny head–it appeared that she was suffering nerve damage, and it was also determined that she had cataracts. After two veterinary examinations we had a choice to make–do we euthanize her or try to treat her even though the odds according to the vets were not on her side.  They treated her and sent us home with medications to keep her comfortable and stable.  Libby’s desire to live was strong – her determination was palpable and we could all feel her passion for life in spite of the fact that she couldn’t stand or lift her head.

Her will to live combined with compassion, love and your donations made it all possible. Taking care of Libby was such a gift. Everyday that I saw her stand and watch her bob her little head as she seeks her food and water, I was constantly reminded of how much her life matters to her.