This here is Sealy.

She came to us by the way of a lady who had adopted this baby turkey from Sealy, TX thinking that she was a chicken! But lo and behold, Sealy  grew up to be a turkey. Talk about a surprise!

Sealy was a great treat to have for her family. Everybody who knew her loved Sealy. She would go back and forth to all the neighbor’s properties and she would to roost in the everyone’s trees. One day, however, the nice neighbors moved away. The new neighbors that moved in had kids that were scared of Sealy. Soon, the new neighbors threatened to call animal control and have Sealy removed.. or worse! That’s when Sealy’s mom called us. We hated to take Sealy only because we saw how attached her mom was to her. But it just wasn’t safe for Sealy anymore. So we took her in.

As we moved locations, Sealy started to have some problems with her foot. With us having to play doctor on her foot so often, we ended up moving her into the old house with us while we waited for our home to finish being built. 

Then moving day came and Sealy was not having any of it! She kicked and screamed the whole way over and loudly yelled about how upset she was with the new house. Her plan was to continue to live in the old house. Now she is our official office mascot!

Here is Sealy causing some turkey trouble in the office. Lately Sealy enjoys pulling Candace’s bracelets while she works.

Sealy is available to sponsor in our Adopt an Animal Program. Read about it here.