Before I started the sanctuary project, I named this calf Tippy and Tommy told me I shouldn’t name him because he was going to be going to the sale barn.  I told him NO, he wasn’t going, and in fact, NONE of the babies were going this time –  that I couldn’t stand for another red trailer going to the sale barn.  He got pretty upset with me because I went out into the pasture one day and followed the cows through the woods for about 2 hours – I watched their every move – it was then that I noticed that the babies had best friends.  All the cows nuzzle and love on each other and have special affections for their best buds. It’s interesting because as Tippy has grown he has become a babysitter. Any of the cows that are younger than he is, when their mom is off grazing on grass, he will watch over the youngings and make sure they don’t run off too far or get in to trouble – just like humans would do. I love Tippy and he is safe now, never to know anything but a good home.