Pearly was born on May 10th, 2019. – She is such a sweet soul and her surrender parents, Marsha and Steven really care about her. Pearly’s story is one of heartbreak as the cattle rancher that owned her was going to shoot her in the head as a baby because she was sick and weak after being found alone in the field 5 days after her birth by the rancher who said that she hadn’t nursed or stood up since birth.  

Marsha took this baby in and put her in her back yard believing that anybody that fought that hard to survive on their own wanted to live. Pearly found a loving home with Marsha and Steven where they bottle fed her for months while she grew up safely and thrived.

Three years later she has outgrown the small yard with very disgruntled neighbors complaining that Marsha and Steven should put her down. That was not an option so Marsha reached out to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and after several months of trying to keep Pearly safe at home Marsha realized that Pearly was in peril and she had to act fast. Pearly had never stepped foot on a trailer before her ride to Rowdy Girl or had to feel any fear in her day-to-day life.

Now she’s safe at Rowdy Girl. She loves companionship. She greets you at her gate and follows you everywhere. She loves to be brushed and scratched. She is sweet and very playful. When let out to graze other parts of the sanctuary outside of her enclosure she almost always runs and bucks, playing to her heart’s content. 

It is so hard to fathom that she would have been shot in the head and left to die because she was considered non productive and a liability in the cruel system of animal agriculture.