The kind of trust you find with a baby goat is beyond words – I mean look at her – I’m so glad that the Animal Control Service that found her wandering around loose was dedicated to placing her in a loving environment that would never eat her or cause her harm!!

Animal Control centers are the kind of place where unwanted animals end up, like strays or wild animals captured in populated areas. “UNWANTED?!” Can you look into Sage’s eyes and feel anything but undying affection? I tell ya, my momma instincts have kicked in and I’ll protect this kid like she was my own.

We all will be watching Sage grow up right here at Rowdy Girl–and I’m sure that just like her name implies – she will be the kind of girl that will be full of wisdom and sage advice–she’s already got the staring-to-the-horizon gaze of a wise old sage! But now she’s already looking for things to climb onto — let the kids play!