The Gau-pooja will be performed at the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary as per traditional ways that exist in India. There will be an Acharya available to guide the upasakas. As per tradition, the gau-pooja is usually performed by women. The participants are advised to obtain a list of ingredients for the pooja. It is recommended to bring whole family to the pooja. However, the organizers do not have specific requirements. The participants are welcome to and encouraged to look up to their respective local traditions in India and perform pooja accordingly.

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Adults – $35
Children Under 18 – $10

ROWDY GIRL SANCTUARY STRICTLY PROHIBITS ANY DAIRY PRODUCTS – NO COW MILK OR GHEE in ceremony – and make sure any snacks that are brought to the sanctuary do not contain MILK, CHEESE or butter, LIKE YOGURTS, ETC.  EVERY FOOD ITEM MUST BE 100% VEGAN!

For further information: Venkatraman Bhavani 832-415-6322 • Vivek Shankar 817-917-3727 • Rajiv Varma 832-499-3420 •

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