Rowdy Girl Veganic Farm

Rowdy Girl Veganic Farm is a passion of love for co-founder Tommy Sonnen. He started the project in 2016 when board member, Kip Andersen recommended that he grow veganic instead of organic when Tommy was getting ready to plant a garden. Perplexed, Tommy wasn’t 100% sold on the idea until he started researching and experimenting on why veganic was so much better and cleaner than organic because food is grown without animal inputs.  Now his love for farming combined with his ethical transition to veganism has fueled his passion to grow an abundance of crops veganically.

Tommy uses no animal inputs, instead, he enriched the soil using decomposed oak tree mulch. For fertilizer he uses green manure (mowed vegetation between rows) and cotton seed meal. He may use seaweed meal in the future

The animals, the staff, volunteers, and neighbors have all been enjoying the bounty of veganic produce that is coming out of the garden. If things keep going like they are we will soon be offering our veggies to local grocery stores and farmers markets. More to come!

Rowdy Girl Veganic Farm is now taking orders for produce in season.

Contact: for more information regarding what is in season and availability.

North American Veganic Certification