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June’s Featured Animal: Rowdy Girl

Before we ever became a sanctuary, Tommy wanted me to get more involved in the ranching aspects of the daily routines around the farm. I was not interested at all when we remarried and he thought that if I had a baby calf to take care of that it would make me more...

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Pandora’s (Ice) Box

My Mother used to always tell me "not to open Pandora's box" - well this is about the most apt illustration of Pandora's box as I've ever seen and I am so glad I opened it and cleaned that bad boy out. When I think back at all the dead carcasses, bloody bodies,...

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His face is branded on my soul, and I know his fate is death.  While getting gas at a local Buccee's, I was jolted into the consciousness of the smell of cow manure. That pungent odor wafted thru my nostrils, and I was feeling right at home except I knew I was on a...

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The Difference Between Loving Chicken and Loving Chickens

When I 1st stopped eating eggs it was the hardest! I loved the taste of a chickens menstrual cycle. And when I found out what it was, I felt lied to again - noone told us in school we were eating scrambled or fried periods of a chicken - AND, furthermore when I found...

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