Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is the evolution of a very special story of two native Texans—one a multi-generational cattle rancher and former hunter; the other one, his wife, an ex-rodeo lover, and former leather cowboy boot collector. Their story has turned into a mission to build an organization that rescues farm animals; and to be good stewards of their care forever in a sanctuary determined to become a state of the art animal care facility, and a plant based/environmental resource education center. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary will inspire other ranchers to experience a paradigm shift, and help them move from participating in the cruelty of factory farming to living out compassion towards the animals whose lives usually end in brutal death. This is Rowdy Girl Sanctuary’s greatest goal.  

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a palpable atmosphere of communion and acceptance where farm animals, visitors, volunteers, and like minds from across the United States and the world will be drawn to experience our transition from a Texas beef cattle ranch to a vegan farm animal sanctuary. Once here, our purpose will broaden to open all hearts, minds and souls to a vegan lifestyle, the horrors of factory farming, plant based food options, and the devastating impact of animal agriculture on the environment. Our hope is to produce many more animal sanctuaries transitioning from Texas beef cattle ranches to vegan farm animal sanctuaries. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc. opens its arms to help all farm animals bound for slaughter houses across the country.

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