Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Turns 2!

It’s time to celebrate a very special birthday – for Rowdy Girl Sanctuary! We are turning a Terrific Two!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since we started this journey of rescue, care, and vegan advocacy. We’ve learned so much, overcome so much, and most importantly, ACCOMPLISHED SO MUCH!

We have grown into a sanctuary that is home to a multitude of cows, horses, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and a goat! We’ve launched programs that are helping rancher families move towards compassionate choices and changing hearts and minds of families who have been participating in youth agricultural education programs.

And we are taking the world by storm through massive news media and documentary coverage. The whole world wants to hear what we are doing at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and I could not feel more grateful or blessed.

But there is still so much work to do – and a lot of that work is taking care of our sweet residents. Did you know that we spend an average of $2,000 each month on food and supplies to take care of our rescued animals? In the winter months, we spend more.

Your gift today will help feed & care for the Rowdy guys and gals at the sanctuary for a whole month!

Please give generously to help us reach our $2,000 goal for our second birthday. And hurry! The deadline for the generous $1,000 donor match is March 1. So please give today!

From all our rescued animals, thank you for helping us reach our Terrific Two! We couldn’t have done it without your loyal support.


Renee King-Sonnen

That’s why I am inviting you today to make a special birthday donation to the animals at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary today. Your gift will go directly to provide sweet feed, chicken scratch, pig and goat chow, horse food, fly spray, hay rings, feeders and more for Rowdy Girl residents.

A big-hearted donor is offering $1,000 in a matching fund when our $2,000 goal is reached!