Ann has been part of Rowdy Girl’s extended family since her daughter rescued a pig in 2015. With Renee’s exuberant encouragement, Ann went vegan initially to support her daughter. Soon, however, she became an advocate for veganism in her own right.

Currently, Ann is spreading veganism as a freelance copywriter. She writes online content exclusively for plant-based professionals, vegan non-profits and vegan products. Ann’s purpose is to use her talent to share plant-based nutrition and vegan values with as many people as possible.

Prior to her solopreneur venture, Ann worked for over two decades at a Fortune 500 aviation training company. Her last position, Director of Sales, gave Ann experience leading a sales team, executing complex marketing programs and developing projects within an organization.

A recipient of PETA’s Animal Advocate award, Ann also volunteers at a local wildlife rescue center. She two daughters in college and lives in Austin, Texas with her cat and cockatiel.