Brownie was rescued out of a Houston dairy farm at 6 just hours old with afterbirth and umbilical cord still present – meet Brownie – a miracle! Brownie was on his way to be slaughtered along with hundreds of other dairy calves when he was rescued by a kind heart named Lizzie. Brownie was the weakest of them all and was near death. Imagine being yanked from your momma moments after birth. Imagine the hearts that break every second of every day in the dairy industry. How scared and terrified Brownie may have been brings tears to my eyes.

This family can’t afford to keep Brownie because of cancer treatments due to a life threatening brain tumor. WILL YOU HELP US?

The moment a calf is born, they are ripped from their mother. If you are male as was the case with Brownie your fate is certain DEATH because the cruel dairy industry has no need to keep male Jersey or Holstein’s because dairy cows are artificially inseminated or RAPED by human hands to keep the breeding cycle going. The males are destroyed unless they are lucky like Brownie here. THE CRUEL PROCESS IS ENDLESS! The milk the momma cows produces for her baby is sold for human consumption and the mother cow is imprisoned to be a milk machine UNTIL SHE TOO IS SLAUGHTERED ONCE SPENT!


THIS FAMILY COULDN’T AFFORD TO BECOME A MEMBER OR DONATE ANY FUNDS TOWARDS BROWNIE’S LIFE LONG CARE AT ROWDY GIRL. Brownie will never be sold for slaughter – he will live the rest of his life at Rowdy Girl and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


Scott and Brownie when he was just a baby. To see these two is to witness such love. The bond is palpable. WILL YOU DONATE TO HELP US with Brownie’s care? This family can’t afford to pay for Brownie or care for him anymore because of the health challenges. We appreciate anything you can do to help.

If Lizzie and Chuck could keep Brownie they would! They will be traveling out of the country to seek cancer treatments and surrendered Brownie to us. They are sad but relieved at the same time. We are believing IN ALL OF YOU TO HELP GIVE BROWNIE the head start in his life at Rowdy Girl that he deserves.