Rowdy Girl Impact Tour

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is not just an ordinary farm sanctuary. Ten years ago we were cattle ranchers, consuming animals like anyone else. But after years of sending babies to slaughter, we became the first documented cattle ranch turned vegan sanctuary in the world.

And everything changed. Our mission has become educating the public about the Rowdy Girl story, plant-based foods, the truth of FFA/4H, factory farming, and the devastating impact of animal agriculture on the environment.


In 2018 director Jason Goldman approached us about participating in a feature length documentary about our story. His vision was to bring our story to the widest audience possible, beyond the vegan bubble. Musician and activist Moby soon joined as Executive Producer. The result is a cinematic experience that marries art and advocacy in a powerful social documentary.

Click here to visit the Rowdy Girl Film page for the trailer and upcoming screening dates.

ARGOT PICTURES will distribute the film to theaters. The team has worked on dozens of independent, documentary, and foreign films since 2005. They plan to bring the film to 50+ theaters nationwide, rural communities, and universities. We start weeklong runs in NYC on May 31st and LA on June 6th expanding from there. Positive press coverage appears in Variety, Bon Appetit, Vogue, POV, Veg News, and others.

THIRD-STAGE CONSULTING, an impact campaign agency, will endeavor to make the audience experience transformational. The objective is to organize an estimated 40-50 additional screenings (virtual, hybrid, in-person) all directly intentioned to provide audiences with next steps.

We will target middle and high schools, corporate settings, spiritual gatherings, environmentalists, and those already on a compassionate path. All materials will be designed to highlight the intersection between climate, animal sentience, and the vegan philosophy.


We need support to extend the Rowdy Girl Impact Tour beyond 2024. The costs are primarily travel to appear at screenings, publicity and a social media expert to reach new, non-vegan audiences. Support this year is needed to ready the book for publication. It will be represented by a high-profile agency and pitched to major publishers. 


Renee King-Sonnen, Founder & Executive Director

PH: 979-314-9925