Name New Baby Goat

Baby Goat’s Story


Baby Goat was with her momma and siblings at a slaughter house in Houston, Texas. The brave activists from Houston Animal Save frequently hold vigils at area slaughter houses, and little Baby Goat was easily recognizable because of her lame back leg. The activists are all so excited that this baby goat is going to get a chance at life because a few days ago this little baby goat was brought to us by Jay Palomo of the Houston Animal Save. 

Jay asked the slaughter house owner if he could save the baby’s life since she had an injured leg. At the time, it was thought that the leg was broken. The owner of the slaughter house agreed to let Jay take the baby and when Jay contacted us at Rowdy Girl we jumped into action to accommodate this beautiful girl. We call her “Baby Goat” for now and we want you to help us give her a name.

The Vet said that she may have to have her foot amputated but we are going to try everything we can before we resort to that option. Your donations today will go towards her vet care, food and other needs. We are not sure whether she is going to need a permanent prosthetic or not. We are going to get a second opinion from another veterinarian.

How to get your name in the hat to name the baby goat:

  • Make your donation in the box below.
    (Enter as often as you wish)
    $5 for 1 name
    $10 for 2 names
    $15 for 3 names
    $20 for 4 names 

    $50 for 10 names
    $100 for 20 names


  • Fill out the form including your name, address, email and phone number. – Put your Favorite name(s) for the newly rescued goat in the space provided.


  • The drawing will be held on AUGUST 7TH. It will be a random number picked depending on the number of entries. We will video the drawing and announce the winner on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.


  • The winner will get a Super Rowdy Swag Bag with lots of goodies. (Approximately a $40 Value)


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