“Since its inception in 2003, the Meatless Monday movement has taken root in over 40 countries and now includes Meat Free Monday, Green Monday, and adaptations in 22 different languages. The movement to skip meat once a week continues to grow as more and more people are finding innovative ways to make meatless dishes part of their everyday culture, customs, and cuisine.”  WHAT IF WE COULD DO THE SAME FOR A MEATLESS EVERY DAY campaign? WE CAN!

It’s time to step up the narrative and PLEDGE TO GO MEATLESS EVERY DAY! With all the amazing 🌱plant based food 🌱companies and options out there, there is no reason at all to consume animal based products! In fact setting aside only one day a week to go meatless will not help move the needle at all to end climate change or animal cruelty that is happening on a mass scale!


Approximately 70% of the plants grown on the planet are fed to farm animals

Approximately 160,000,000 (160 MILLION) farm animals are transported to a slaughter house EVERY DAY! 

Approximately 2,740,000,000 (2 BILLION, 740 MILLION) FISH continue to be slaughtered EVERY DAY 

There was approximately 2 Billion people on the planet in 1900 and there was almost 8 Billion in 2020.

There are approximately 70 BILLION animals on the planet farmed for food and this number is expected to DOUBLE BY 2050! 

Eating animals Tuesday through Sunday isn’t working? 

JOIN THE CHALLENGE and use the HASHTAG #MeatlessEveryDay 

In the images slider you’ll find several #MeatlessEveryDay memes and there will be more coming in the following weeks – PLEASE SHARE THEM OUT and tell us why you believe that going meatless every day is a top priority, RIGHT NOW!

Why not build a “new normal” as we all recover from the pandemic nightmare of COVID-19.


Take the #Meatless Every Day Challenge

Fill out the form to join our #MeatlessEveryDay Challenge. There are two ways to participate

  1. Take the 7 DAY CHALLENGE
  2. Take the 28 DAY CHALLENGE

Once we receive your commitment someone on our team will be in touch with you to get you started. We have Linda Middlesworth, Holly Skodis, Dennis Jones, Chef Ed Harris, Kelly Kerr,  Jennifer Gause, and James Thompson confirmed as Vegan Mentors, and we have Dr. Sung Won as our Medical Advisor.

Everyone that signs up will have access to our private #MeatlessEveryDay Group where you will receive support from your peers and mentors. It will also be a great space to share recipes, your struggles and your triumphs!

Please share your journey to go #meatlesseveryday on your social media and be sure and use the hashtag!

ITS TIME TO GO #MeatlessEveryDay!

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