One Green Planet Article

10 Amazing Vegan Transformation Stories of Slaughterhouse Workers and Animal Farmers

By Mathew Davis

There’s not much that’s more inspiring than seeing people who used to enslave and murder other sentient beings for food transform into some of the most passionate animal defenders and advocates. Some of these people have been animal farmers for decades, some of them thought they were producing “humane” meat or dairy products, and some of them personally ended the lives of animals. But they all, gradually or more suddenly, became aware that what they were doing was wrong. And not only did they change, but they turned themselves into forces for good by opening animal sanctuaries and becoming outspoken animal rights activists. Here are ten amazing vegan transformation stories that are sure to inspire you.

Excerpt on Rowdy Girl Sanctuary:

Renee King-Sonnen moved onto her husband Tommy’s cattle ranch in 2009. She began to spend a lot of time with the animals and, as a result, she experienced the grief of having to see her friends being sold for their meat. A few years later, she and her husband became vegan, and they turned the ranch into an animal sanctuary. Besides being a passionate animal rights activist, she is also a Ranchers Advocate and launched the Rancher Advocacy Program. This initiative helps ranchers understand the reasons to transition away from animal agriculture and provides resources to convert their farms to something more ethical as well as financially stable.

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