We just could not say no when we received the request for Selena to live out her days at Rowdy Girl. The letter below is from Vanessa whose daughter Soraya raised this beautiful Charlolais heifer named Selena. Soraya has formed a deep bond with this animal who knows the family and exhibits no fear as she has no idea her fate will be met at a slaughterhouse. Selena’s trust is remarkable as she shows the scars of “show stick” whipping by another person in the program and has somehow kept her sweet personality.

Selena  is available to sponsor in our Adopt an Animal Program. Read about it here.

Vanessa’s Story

“Hi, my name is Vanessa the mother of Soraya and we have a story to tell…our kids have been part of the FFA program for many years, every year it would get tougher and tougher doing the program because we didn’t believe that these animals should be sent off to get murdered or processed in the AG world as they call it. We started feeling angry over the way these beautiful babies with hearts and souls just like us were being treated as if they didn’t have a life. One year when the chickens were a project for my oldest daughter we attended the rodeo and my husband tried taking the chickens back with us because we didn’t want to kill them, unfortunately we had not read the rules of the organization and these poor chickens became the rodeo’s property once we entered the competition and were slaughtered, it breaks our hearts to this day. Since then after every project we would find homes for these helpless babies so that they weren’t processed to eat because they were family and pets to us at this point. We are at the last year and my daughter has formed a bond with Selena who is a beautiful Charolais that is full of love and life. During the 1st year another AG kid whipped our poor Selenawith a show stick and left multiple whip marks on her neck where she is still scarred from today….we had witnesses and all but the girl was never reprimanded for it and that’s how she would control her animals with that kind of discipline, that is not ok and never will be. That girl who whipped Selena would do that to her own animals at the barn and had a history of doing that. That situation disconnected us even more from the program because no animal should never be whipped like Selena was. Sadly we don’t have the space for her because we live in the city and can’t move at this point as we want our daughter to complete her senior year next year and graduate with her friends. Selena has been such a sweetheart and knows us, we truly believe she needs to love her life out somewhere beautiful and after reading what your sanctuary has we feel it’ll be a beautiful place to live her life out. She has a beautiful personality and is just a sweetheart. We want to thank Rowdy Girl Sanctuary for taking her in to your beautiful place we know Selena will have a happy place to live her life out with other friends just like her there. Once we visited the sanctuary it solidified and we saw first hand how these babies are treated and knew this would be the perfect place for her.”

Selena arriving and settling in at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.


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