Tommy's Belated Birthday

As our Rowdy journey continues, we gotta keep Tommy mobile. For five long years, Tommy has given us everything (even the shirt off his back) for the animals at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. He has gone from a former cattle rancher to a full blown vegan sanctuary co-founder. He works tirelessly behind the scenes, doing all the hard work from sun up to beyond sundown. His Birthday was August 29th. And I know he would be so grateful if y’all pitched in to help raise the money we need for Tommy’s truck repairs.

Since it’s been broke down we’ve been using Tommy’s 2015 Toyota Tacoma and now its taking a beating – we need to get that old green diesel back in business and give Tommy a break!

Shhh – it’s a surprise!


Tommy has donated his diesel truck to Rowdy Girl for 5 YEARS!

Tommy’s truck transports everything that the animals need. Whether it’s lumber for new animal enclosures, large kennels for incoming residents, feed bags, equipment, hay, transporting animals to safety from floods, and then moving us, the animals and all our stuff from Angleton to Waelder in more trips than I can remember! Tommy’s diesel gets us through it all. It is the most important tool we have. He goes through about ten gallons of fuel a week when he drives 45 minutes to the feed store and picks up over 1000lbs of feed for all the animals.

Tommy’s old Ford F250 is 19 years old with 213,000 miles on the odometer. It broke down about 3 months ago and we need that truck!

Tommy is such a giving man. He works tirelessly for the residents of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, always using his own time, resources and money to help whenever and wherever he can. He is the greatest supporter of RGS.

The repairs and inspection are costing us $2,402.

Your donations today will help Tommy tremendously while reminding him that his efforts are both seen and appreciated.

Will you help us with the expenses of Tommy’s truck?

On Tommy’s Birthday, we went kayaking! It was wonderful relaxing with him and taking some time to ourselves. When you have to take care of so many animals, you need to remember to nourish yourself too sometimes. We needed this day together so much – it was the first long exhale we’ve had together in a long time.