In the heart of Texas, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc. is now the safe haven and the forever home to over 65 farm animals, and “that number is growing,” according to Renee King-Sonnen. She convinced her husband to cease operations of their former cattle ranch in late 2014, so that the animals who live there would be saved and could call the sanctuary home.

Angleton, TX, January 20, 2016 –(– Renee King-­Sonnen is making a significant, positive difference for the animals, and she is doing so in the heart of Texas. Renee founded Rowdy Girl Sanctuary Inc. as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on February 20, 2015. The actual dissolution of the cattle ranch occurred 2 months prior, resulting in the formation of the sanctuary in December of 2014. As a result of what many of her peers deem a “heroic effort to save the animals,” Renee was recognized by the VegNews Veggie Awards as the “2015 Rookie Activist of the Year.” According to Renee, the honor means very much to her as it represents her “heartfelt and passionate stance to protect the animals.” She indicates that she “hopes to lead the way for compassion for many more farm animals in Texas and worldwide, and to encourage many to adopt a plant based (vegan) diet.” Renee names many who are making a positive and significant impact for the animals as her “source of inspiration” such as Moby, Jo-Anne McArthur, Russell Simmons, Gene Baur, Howard Lyman, and Kip Anderson.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is a developing 96 acre safe haven for farm animals located in Angleton, Texas, which is approximately 50 miles southwest of Houston. As recalled by Renee, “It was in December of 2014 that the final red trailer to be filled with baby calves was aborted. The tension had mounted for ten months and her husband tried desperately to execute “business as usual,” but the fact that I had gone vegan and was upset everyday was too much for him.” Renee describes “crying, screaming and begging him everyday for months to please save the cows from slaughter.” She indicates that, “It was during this time frame that I made the ultimatum and told him I would follow the red trailer to the sale barn if he went through with it.” At this point, Renee’s husband Tommy relented to her desperate pleas to save them. Renee states, “Unbeknownst to Tommy I had been establishing guidance and direction from vegan activists from all over the world” in the months preceding her taking a significant stance for the animals. She initiated the Indiegogo crowd fundraiser entitled, “Save the Cows From Slaughter.” Renee raised an estimated $36,000 in less than four months. All thirty animals who were on the farm at that point were saved. Currently in addition to 48 cows living at the sanctuary, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is home to four pigs, two of the pigs are pot belly pigs and the other two are former FFA pigs; seven chickens, four horses, and a turkey. Once the 96 acre sanctuary is fully developed, Renee states, “many more animals will be saved,” and she is “appreciative of the loving and dependable volunteer culture at Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.” They are always welcoming new volunteers, as indicated on their website.

Renee articulated that “she would like to start a ‘twitter storm’ where the hashtags, #winterizerowdygirl and #texastransformation become common ‘tweets’.” Winterize Rowdy Girl is a current fundraiser to assist in raising what is needed to protect and care for the animals for the winter season continuing through 2016. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary’s goal is to raise $22,325 which will help provide the adequate infrastructure, water sources, electricity, roads, fencing, equipment, sheds, storage, feed, hay, troughs, and hay rings for their current animals, as well as allow them to take in more farm animals in need of rescue. The public may participate by going to the following link,​. The “Second Annual Vegan Awareness Festival and Fundraiser” for Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is May 21, 2016. Renee describes the forthcoming festival and fundraiser as a day that will be filled with vegan speakers, vegan food, speakers, vegan vendors, and other activities. This year they will be introducing their first “Rowdy Girl Vegan Cowgirl Campout” which takes place May 19, 2016 through May 22, 2016.

In addition to being the founder and director of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Renee King-Sonnen started a facebook page entitled, “Vegan Journal of a Ranchers Wife” on December 20, 2014. She is writing a book by the same title. The website is ​ The public may visit this website for more information about donating, scheduling a tour of the sanctuary, adoption, volunteer opportunities, and to participate in current fundraisers. Renee and Tommy of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary are available to speak with media regarding their participation in additional interviews and feature stories about the sanctuary, and to discuss the importance of caring for and protecting the lives of animals and adopting a plant based diet. Renee adopted a vegan diet on October 31, 2014, and her husband Tommy also now follows a plant based (vegan) diet.

Press release prepared by Publicist/Actress/Director/Advocate Lisa Pellegrene who runs a consulting/production/public relations company based in Los Angeles. More information about Ms. Pellegrene at​ or ​​. Ms. Pellegrene is a well­-known international animal advocate and has been vegan for four years. She is also a part of the project as a contributor, which celebrates the beauty, strength and diversity of the vegan community.

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