Chirp Chirp


Chirp Chirp came to me a little itty bitty baby. He was hand-raised by a woman who was sick, and cuddled him all day. After Chirp Chirp’s carer got really bad dementia, she couldn’t take care of Chirp Chirp anymore. That’s when a family member reached out to us and we agreed to take this beautiful little bird in.


When Chirp Chirp came to RGS he was always near me. 


Soon, Chirp Chirp was on my head.


And even when he grew to be a big, beautiful rooster he never realized he wasn’t a baby anymore. He still always rode around on top of my head and went all over with me. Chirp Chirp was always on me.

The fact that you can come to love an animal so much that you used to’s utterly indescribable.

Rest in peace dear friend.