Jan & Dusty

Meet our rescues, Jan and Dusty. Jan is Dusty’s momma. They lived up the road from us about 5 miles from here and their life is now forever changed. Jan is 12 years old and her son is 1-1/2 years old. They are the last of a herd that has been sold off. Jan’s story is truly heroic. She’s a warriorress!  

Carol and Charlie, started going over to feed their neighbor’s cows with their grandson and fell in love with Jan’s spirit. When the neighbor decided to sell all their cows, Carol and Charlie asked if they could buy Jan. And then they couldn’t separate her from her son Dusty, so bought him too. They couldn’t keep them on their property and so they reached out to Rowdy Girl. 

They had been trying to get these two to Rowdy Girl for months but Jan outsmarted everyone who tried to apprehend her to bring her to safety. After several failed attempts, dozens of cattle panels, cowboys, vets and broken spirits, they were finally successfully and safely loaded up. Now they are settling in at Rowdy Girl and we are all breathing a whole lot easier. 

Their story is a fascinating one. Watch our conversation with Carol and Charlie below.

When Carol and Charlie first met Jan they though she was the meanest cow they ever saw. She’d paw at the ground and didn’t seem happy that they were around. She was the only cow that wouldn’t eat from their hand. After awhile they realize she wasn’t mean at all, she was just trying to protect everyone. She wanted to protect her calf and all the calves. Eventually they just fell in love with her.

Marin loved feeding Jan & Dusty and the whole herd. One day, Carol and Charlie came in the gate one day and passed a trailer and wondered which cows were in the trailer. Carol thought “Those are our friends!” When they got to the property, they saw Jan and Dusty and a few others were there. Marin cried all the way home wondering where his friends had gone.

After months and months of trying, Jan & Dusty have now joined the Rowdy Herd. (You really need to watch the video, their journey is a enthralling story.) They will live their lives here in peace and safety.

Please give what you can to help us care for these beautiful beings. 
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